White Mountain Lodge #3 History

White Mountain Lodge #3


In the latter part of the year 1879, the few members of the Masonic fraternity residing at and in the vicinity of Globe, which was part of Pinal county, assembled for the purpose of discussing the advisability of establishing a lodge of Free & Accepted Masons.  With no more that a half a dozen very enthusiastic Masons present, the meeting was held and first steps started for an organization.

A committee on credentials was appointed to ascertain if a sufficient number of masons could be procured, who would be willing to dimit from their respective lodges in order to establish one here, but owing to the slow methods of transportation of mails in those days, progress was very slow.

At a meeting in May 1880 this committee reported that nine dimits had been placed in the their hands, and at the same time offered the following resolution.

“ Resolved:” That while we realize that the real strength of our order, lies not in the numbers, but in absolute unswerving fidelity to its principles and teachings.  True masonry is the upbuilding and uplifting of the individual character, having for its aim and object, the advancement of everything that stands for more intelligent citizenship and cleaner lives.

Be it further resolved; that this committee procure sufficient donations from the brothers to defray the expenses of a dispensation, lodge furniture, Jewels, etc. and to make application for a dispensation at once.

These resolutions were unanimously adopted.

White Mountain was chosen for the name of the lodge and

Alexander Hamilton Morehead, was named Worshipful Master,

Alonzo Bailey as Senior Warden and

Jacob Abraham as Junior Warden.

It was evident that the hard work and enthusiasm of the Masons scattered around an isolated mining district would result in a fast growing lodge.

The Grand jurisdiction of California prohibited the holding of Masonic Lodges on the ground floor, while that of New Mexico allowed such meetings provided that they were safe from intrusion and properly tiled.  There being no two story buildings in Globe at that time, it was manifest that application must be made to the Grand Lodge of New Mexico and some of the brothers being personally acquainted with the Grand Officers of that jurisdiction, no trouble was anticipated in securing a dispensation from that source with the least possible trouble and expense.

The Altar, Pillars, Pedestals, columns and other lodge furniture was designed and put together by local carpenters, the jewels were made from tin neatly cut out by our local tin smith, (Brother Jacob Abraham) which suspended by collars of blue ribbon, presented a very unique appearance of which the members were very proud.

In the meantime and while patiently waiting news of the dispensation, Mr. John Kennedy an enterprising citizen was induced to erect a second story on one of his buildings on the West side of Broad street, at the St. Elmo (La Casita restaurant now occupies this site.), which we readily accepted on a not less than five year lease.

Occasional meetings were held by the brothers to familiarize themselves with the ritual adopted by the Grand Lodge of New Mexico and agreeable to ancient customs, these meetings were held on the high hills and in the low valleys, one place of meeting was held in a lonely cabin on what is now called Nob Hill, this cabin has been preserved and is dedicated to White Mountain Lodge, another place of meeting was in a lonely cabin in the wilderness back of and near the Kinney house, these meetings was greatly enjoyed by all the brethren.

Patience was finally rewarded by the receipt of the dispensation, authorizing the persons named in the application and others to legally open a regular lodge and to confer the three degrees of masonry.

On the second day of August 1880, the first meeting was held under dispensation, the officers being:

Alexander H. Morehead, Worshipful Master

Alonzo Bailey, Senior Warden

Jacob Abraham, Junior Warden

Alexander D. Skinner, Senior Deacon

Ben F Pascoe, Junior Deacon

Ernest F Kellner, Secretary

The date of the regular monthly communication to be held in the future was to be each Thursday night on or succeeding each full moon.

At the meeting held November 19, 1880. Brothers Cornelius Burns and Albert Young were raised to the Sublime degree of Master Masons, they being the first ones to be raised by this lodge.

On the 18th day of January, 1881 a charter was granted under the name and number White Mountain Lodge No. 5, A.F.& A.M. with the same brethren named therein as in the old dispensation.

On the 22nd day of February 1881, with new furniture and a complete set of new jewels, purchased in the east, a public ceremony was held in the Methodist church and the following charter officers were duly installed:

Alexander Hamilton Morehead as Worshipful Master;

Alonzo Bailey as Senior Warden;

Jacob Abraham as Junior Warden;

George Henry Cook, Treasurer;

Ernest Frederick Kellner, Secretary;

Francis Newton Howell, Senior Deacon;

Benjamin Franklin Pascoe, Junior Deacon;

William Tucker, Senior Deacon;

The lodge room was then duly and constitutionally dedicated and consecrated to Free Masonry according to the impressive ritual of the order.

At a regular meeting held on April 14th, 1881 a committee was appointed to look after the ventilation in the hall and also put a fence around the Masonic Cemetery and erect a headboard for Brother Morrow.

A Special Communication was held September 26, 1881 for the purpose of holding funeral services for our late Brother James A Garfield, President of the United States who died September 19, 1881.

A committee was appointed to draft Resolutions of Respect and they were published in the Globe Chronicle and Silver Belt and a copy sent to the bereaved family.

On February 2, 1882 a committee was appointed to correspond with the several Masonic Lodges throughout the Territory to obtain their views regarding the advisability and necessity of establishing a Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in Arizona.

On the 25th day of March 1882, the Grand Lodge of Arizona was regularly organized and duly constituted and recognized as such by the Grand Lodges of New Mexico and California.  This lodge then applied to the Grand Lodge of Arizona and a charter was issued by that body to White Mountain Lodge No. 3 F. & A.M. George J Roskruge, Grand Secretary and Ansel Melton Bragg, Grand Master signed the charter.

The following officers served during the first year after the Charter had been granted.

Alonzo Bailey, Worshipful Master

Francis N. Howell, Senior Warden

William Tucker, Junior Warden

Joseph Redman, Treasurer

Charles A Fisk, Secretary

Albert Young, Senior Deacon

Benjamin F Pascoe, Junior Deacon

William W Lowther, Senior Steward

George W. Bird, Junior Steward

John C Robbins, Tyler

Apart from the above, there where twenty-seven Master Masons and five Entered Apprentices on the roll.

Grand Lodge: Alonzo Bailey elected Deputy Grand Master


Benjamin. F. Pascoe     WM

Albert R. Young           SW

Joseph Redman            JW

Quintus C. Tebbs         Treas

Charles Fisk                 Secty

New Master Masons:

Andrew Jackson Caswell          Samuel Richard Sands

William Harris Cook                 Charles Edwin Taylor

William Castleton Eddy William Long Whepley

James Frederick                       Ira Hamilton Wood

Mathew Kinney                        John McDonald Wilmans

James Lewis                             Fred Washington Wilmans


Alexander Douglas Skinner

43 Master Masons on the roll

On November 14, 1883 our Brother Alonzo Bailey was elected Grand Master of the M.W. Grand Lodge of F. & A. M. of Arizona

Grand Lodge: Alonzo Bailey elected Grand Master


George W Bird WM

William W Lowther      SW

Charles Fisk                 JW

William Trevillian          Treas

William H. Cook          Secty

New Master Masons

Joseph Bunny                           Joseph Baxter Henry

William Kingdon Butler Clarence Holmes Wallace


Ira Hamilton Wood

47 Master Masons on the roll


George W. Bird            WM

Joseph Redman            SW

  1. R. BurkeJW

William Trevillian          Treas.

William. H. Cook         Secty

At a meeting held February 24, 1885, White Mountain Chapter No. 2, O.E.S. was allowed the use of the hall for a term of five years at a rental of $5.00 per month

New Master Masons:

Joseph Thomas Flippin Thomas Ross

Early Hubbard                          John Robbins


Joshua R Nichils

William Tucker

43 Master Masons on the roll


Benjamin F Pascoe       WM

Charles E. Taylor          SW

James H Pascoe           JW

Alonzo Bailey               Treas.

Charles Fisk                 Secty

New Master Masons:

Samuel James Connors Theodore Martin

John Hoyl Higdon                     Edward Cain

Charles Christian


Reuben Franklin Box

46 Master Masons on the roll.


Charles E Taylor           WM

William H. Cook          SW

John Isaac                    JW

Alonzo Bailey               Treas.

Charles A Fisk Secty

New Master Masons

Alfred Charles Carter

Charles Flood Pascoe

40 Master Masons on the roll.


Alonzo Bailey               WM

Charles A Fisk SW

  1. F. BurkeJW

James W. Ransom        Treas

Charles C. Martin         Secty

At a meeting held on October 25, 1888 it was decided to invite the Grand Lodge to hold its 1889 meeting in Globe and the use of the hall and Jewels of the Lodge be tendered them.

New Master Masons

William Henry Hender

41 Master Masons on the roll


Charles A Fisk WM

John Isaac                    SW

Alfred C. Carter           JW

Alonzo Bailey               Treas.

Charles Martin  Secty

Bro. Charles Martin, Secretary reported at a meeting held October 10, 1889 that the report to the Grand Lodge together with the remittance consisting of a check and $20.00 in cash had been lost by reason of a stage robbery.

At the same meeting a new set of working tools was presented to the Lodge by Bro. Carl Hagen

The Grand Lodge met this year in Tucson on November 12, 1889 for reasons that follow.

White Mountain Lodge had extended an invitation which had been accepted and Bro. Morris Goldwater, Grand Master at this time stated that it had been reported to him by Deputy Grand Master George J. Roskruge that the Indians were out and a fight had occurred between them and the United States troops in Gila County and that it was not safe to travel.  Past Grand Master Alonzo Bailey had wired that the roads were safe and Brother Goldwater had started to Globe by way of Phoenix, but upon reaching that point had found that there would not be a quorum of at least three Lodges present at Globe and had returned to Tucson.

The Worshipful Master called a special meeting on November 4th for conducting the last rites for Brother Glenn Reynolds who was murdered by the Apache Indians on November 2nd.


New Master Masons:

Carl Gotthilf                  Thomas Abbot Pascoe

Ferinand Hagen            Glen Reynolds


Deceased   John Lanz

42 Master Masons on the roll


John Isaac *                 WM

Charles C. T. Martin     SW

Albert R. Young           JW

Alonzo Bailey               Treas.

Charles A Fisk Secty

* Died in Office

On March 6th, 1890, John Isaac, Worshipful Master was killed in a mining accident at the Old Dominion Mine

New Master Masons:

Butler Gilbert Fox


John Isaac

Glen Reynolds

40 Master Masons on the roll.


Charles C. T. Martin     WM

Albert R. Young           SW

James H Pascoe           JW

Alonzo Bailey               Treas

Charles E Taylor           Secty


New Master Masons:

Oliver Charles Felton

James Charles Hicks

George Kingdon

John Herman Luedke

41 Master Masons on the roll.


Alonzo Bailey               WM

James H Pascoe           SW

  1. TrengoveJW

Charles Taylor              Treas

Charles A Fisk Secty

At a meeting held on May 12, 1892, the committee appointed to wind up the affairs of White Mountain Chapter No.2, Order of Eastern Star presented the keys to the desk that had been in use and $5.00 which was all that remained in the treasury.

New Master Masons:

Joseph Hiram Burrows

Charles Holzman


Matthew Kionney

39 Master Masons on the roll.


James H Pascoe           WM

Francis N. Howell        SW

Butler G Fox                JW

Charles E Taylor           Treas.

Charles A Fisk Secty

At the Regular meeting held January 1893, the fee was reduced to $50.00 from $75.00 and all candidates were told that they would not receive a lunch at the time of their raising.

Bro. Alonzo Bailey stated at the meeting of May 4, 1893 that it was proposed to start a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and agreed to enlarge the lodge room and fix it for the Chapter if they would agree to pay $40.00 per month rent. The Lodge accepted the proposition in case the Chapter was organized.

New Master Masons:

William Licurgus Ackers

Rodrick McIntosh

Andrew Miller

Deceased   William Trevillian

41 Master Masons on the roll.

On the 9th day of June 1893, the lodge room and nearly all its contents was destroyed by fire and being unable to find a suitable room in which to work, the lodge was left without a home.  Permission was granted by the Grand Lodge to hold business meetings in the Court House until such time when a suitable lodge room could be procured.


James H Pascoe           WM

Joseph B. Henry           SW

Thomas A Pascoe        JW

Charles E Taylor           Treas.

Charles Holzman          Secty

The Lodge was granted a Special Dispensation on August 16, 1894 to hold a meeting at the Court House.

New Master Masons:

Edward Herbert Cook                          Robert Calvin Sloan

William McFadden                               John Henry Windmiller

Edwin William McDowell

42 Master Masons on the roll.


Thomas A Pascoe        WM

Butler G Fox                SW

Charles Holzman          JW

Alonzo Bailey               Treas

Edward H. Cook          Secty

A committee was appointed June 13, 1895 to contract with Bro. Albert R. Young for a lease of a lodge room to be constructed by him for 2 ½ years at a rental of $500.00 per year.

An agreement was entered into with Brother Albert R., Young to add a second story to his building on the west side of Broad street near Mesquite on the site now known as Keegans, this was completed and occupied by the lodge on the 27th day of December 1895, having been without a home for two years and a half, these rooms were small and hardly adequate for lodge purposes but there being no choice this was called home

Bro. Charles Taylor, Joseph Henry and Mills Van Wagenen appointed to purchase the furniture and paraphernalia necessary to furnish the new hall made their report on October 5, 1895.

It was decided December 5, 1895, to invite the Grand Master to be present to dedicate and consecrate the new hall on December 27, 1895 and that the installation of officers be semi-public for all Master Masons and their families and that a single member be allowed to invite a lady.  The installation was to be followed by a banquet.

It was also ordered that the Lodge pay no funeral expenses for a brother unless the estate of the deceased brother is not able to pay them.


New Master Masons:

William Van Wagenen

42 Master Masons on the roll.


Butler G Fox                WM

Charles Holzman          SW

Edward H. Cook          JW

James H Pascoe           Treas

Mills Van Wagenen      Secty

At a meeting held June 25, 1896, the request from the Miners Union that the hall be rented to them was for the second time denied.

New Master Masons:

Alfred Oliver Branner

Joseph Thomas Flippen


Joseph Bunny,

Roderick McIntosh

43 Master Masons on the roll.


James H Pascoe           WM

Alfred O Branner          SW

William L. Ackers         JW

James W. Ransom        Treas

Mills Van Wagenen      Secty


New Master Masons:


John Briscom                            John C Martin

Daniel Campbell                       Paul Michaelson

  1. DillingerLeroy Middleton

Ed. Broderick Furlong Alexander H. Morehead

Chauncey E Gunn                     Lowell L Rogers

Walter P Howle                        Joseph Tatton

George W.P Hunt

49 Master Masons on the roll


Edward Cook                          WM

John C Martin                          SW

Thomas A Pascoe                    JW

James W. Ransom                    Treas

Alexander H. Morehead           Secty

The Revised By-laws were adopted at a meeting held September 1896, these by-laws were sent to the Grand Master who returned them “corrected” and the matter was laid over until the meeting of December 1st, at which time the suggestions made by M.W.G.M. Cramer were adopted.

New Master Masons:

Max Carl Bonne           William B Crowe

Olaf H. Brue                 William Graville

  1. L. CoombsJames Graham Oldfield


Joseph Tatton

55 Master Masons on the roll


James H Pascoe                       WM

Charles C. T. Martin                 SW

Robert C. Sloan                       JW

James W. Ransom                    Treas.

Alexander H. Morehead           Secty

New Master Masons:

William David Fisk                   Edgar O McIntier

Benjamin Franklin Gray            Daniel Mulligan

Ralph Holton                            William Ross

Fred LeBaron Jones                 James Stanton Towle

Perry Benson Lady                   William Voris

Edward Wick


Andrew Miller

Quintus Cincinnatus Tebbs

61 Master Masons on the roll


Joseph H. Henry                       WM

Robert C. Sloan                       SW

  1. L. CoombsJW

James W. Ransom                    Treas

Alexander H. Morehead           Secty

At the meeting held February 15, 1900, the first Board of Trustees was elected and consisted of Bros. Edward H. Cook and Charles C.T. Martin to serve with the Master.

At the meeting held June 14, 1900 Bros. Thomas A Pascoe, Paul Michaelson and Edward Wick were appointed as a building committee with a view of building a hall, and on July 12th Bros. Charles C.T. Martin, James H Pascoe, Alonzo Bailey, Edward Wick and Thomas A Pascoe were appointed to see how much money could be raised for building a lodge room.  This special committee reported on July 26th, that the sum of $8900.00 had been subscribed and they were directed to close with Mr. Webster for Lot 1 Block 86 and to see that plans and specifications be submitted at a special called meeting for August 9th.

On September 13th, a hall was leased from Bro. Albert R. Young for one year with the privilege of two at a rental of $100.00 per quarter.

New Master Masons:

George S Andrus                      Frank Joseph Lunn

Clarence S Benner                    John Hoe Morehead

Cyril Byrne                               William Mulligan

Henry John Day                        Eugene Ayer Robertson

William Wallace Greek Robert Henry Samuel

Fred Walpole Hoar                  Harry F. Sanders

Charles Franklin Lucas


Joseph Redman

75 Master Masons on the roll


Robert Sloan                            WM

John C Martin                          SW

Leroy Middleton                       JW

James H Pascoe                       Treas

Alexander. H. Morehead          Secty

On January 10, 1901, the sum of $5.00 per month was voted to keep the Masonic cemetery in repairs.  The Secretary was also instructed to sell his old desk and purchase a new one which he did making a profit of $5.60 on the deal.

At the meeting held February 7th, it was decided to pay the Tyler the sum of $1.00 for every night he tiled the Lodge and the Secretary was voted the sum of $2.50 per month to remain at that figure until he kicked.

After having refused to rent the hall to the Miners Union several times, it was stated at the meeting held on August 1st, that at the next Regular Meeting to be held in September, the question would again be brought up as the Union had offered a rental of $33.35 a month holding two meetings a month and the Secretary was instructed to inform in writing every member to be present at the September meeting.  At this meeting the question was taken up and defeated by a vote of 19 to 6.

Bros. James H. Pascoe, Fred L. Jones and William W. Greek were appointed to confer with the I.O.O.F. concerning the purchase of one half of the Odd Fellows hall.

On December 25th, a committee composed of Bros. Ed. Wick, Harry F. Saunders and Paul Michaelson and to be known as the Building Committee to work in connection with the Trustees was appointed.

New Master Masons:

John Knight Chilton                  Arthur Thomas Hammons

John Ellis Countes                     Burton Galen Jackson

William Gessnard                      Arthur Frederick Maisch

John Granville                           William Verren


William Kingdon Butler,

Benjamin Franklin Pascoe

Lowell L. Rodgers

82 Master Masons on the roll.


Robert C Sloan                        WM

Leroy Middleton                       SW

Benjamin F. Gray                     JW

James H Pascoe                       Treas

Alexander. H. Morehead          Secty

New Master Masons:

Charles Henry Cutting               George Marshal Kerney

John Duncan Ferguson              John William Sharkey

Lysle Ryerson Harrison             George Walter Shute

Thomas Karmaugh

82 Master Masons on the roll


Robert C Sloan            WM

William D. Fisk SW

William W. Greek         JW

Arthur T. Hammons      Treas

George W. Shute          Secty

On January 15, 1903, the By-laws were amended to make the Regular Communication of this Lodge the Thursday night on or before the full moon of each month instead of the Thursday night succeeding the full moon.

On September 3, 1903, the time of the regular communication was changed to the First Tuesday evening of each month at the I.O.O.F. hall in the town of Globe, Arizona Territory.

When the Odd Fellows erected a building for their own occupancy which was more spacious and suitable for lodge purposes into which this lodge moved on the first day of October 1903, (this they occupied until the 7th day of October 1913.)

New Master Masons:

Charles Carrington Gallentine

Ernest Frederick Kellner, Jr.,


Herbert Lee Fuller

John Henry Windmiller

76 Master Masons were on the rolls.


William D Fisk  WM

Leroy Middleton           SW

John K Chilton JW

Arthur T. Hammons      Treas

George W. Shute          Secty

New Master Masons:

James W Balmer

Peter L Hutton

George Frederick Pendleton


William Henry Hender

75 Master Masons on the roll.


Leroy Middleton           WM

William Ross                SW

Harry. F. Sanders         JW

Arthur T. Hammons      Treas

George W. Shute          Secty

At the Regular Meeting held December 5th, the Lodge was presented with a gavel made from wood grown on the estate of our late Brother General George Washington by Bro. George W. P. Hunt.

New Master Masons:

James Agnew                           Louis Gwaltney Moyers

Pickney Clifford Anderson        Angus McAlpine

John Hoskins Bowdin               James Murdock McLean

Andre Caillaud             William Q Milhollan

Frances L Gates                       John Cady Pascoe

John Kavanaugh                       George John Stoneman

Arthur M Kenyon                     John Thomas Trevethan

John Duane Leonard                 John Wall

Nathan Howard Livingston

Deceased:  Alexander H. Morehead

85 Master Masons on the roll.


Leroy Middleton           WM

Pickney C.Anderson     SW

James S. Towle            JW

Arthur T. Hammons      Treas

George W. Shute          Secty

On February 6, 1906, a committee composed of Bros. Thomas A. Pascoe, George J. Stoneman and James S. Towle was appointed to investigate the matter of procuring a hall from Joseph H Hamill.

On June 5th, it was ordered that a donation of $25.00 be made to the destitute of San Francisco, California.




New Master Masons:

Charles Adolph Birchland         Roderick Duncan Kennedy

James Parker Bosche               John Langdon

Edwin G. Bright                        John Ezra Mayo

George M Elledge                    Velasco Chandler Murphy

  1. H. EatonGeorge Herbert Smalley

John Delaney Holcombe           William Alpheus Smith

Clarence Preston Jacobs           Peter Wilson

Roland Herbert Jacobs

Deceased:  John H Bowden,

Edgar G McIntier,

George F. Pendleton

96 Master Masons on the roll.



Leroy Middleton                       WM

William A. Smith                       SW

Louis C. Moyers                      JW

James H. Pascoe                      Treas

Pickney C. Anderson                Secty

On February 5, 1907, the fee for the three degrees was raised to $75.00, the Secretary’s salary placed at $50.00 per annum and a committee composed of Bros. Arthur T. Hammons, Louis C. Moyers and Charles Charles T.Martin appointed to formulate some plans to build a Lodge room.

On October 1st, the members were invited to attend the laying of the corner stone of the new Masonic Temple at Prescott on October 19, 1907

New Master Masons:

George Everett Baker               James Wesley Pritchett

Robert R Boyd             Granville J. Ridenhour

Paul Bernard Caler                   Tom Trevillian

Wiley Clay Commons               William S Sultan

George Cook                           Howard Thompson Wayne

Frank Cleveland Howe John D Wick, Jr.

George Livengood


  1. C. Dellinger

William Graville

109 Master Masons on the roll


William A Smith            WM

Luis G Moyers SW

Andre Caillaud JW

James H Pascoe           Treas

John D. Wick, Jr.         Secty

On January 7, 1908, a motion was carried whereby the Lodge was to furnish the Master with a silk hat and Prince Albert coat to be worn by him at all meetings.

We were at that time paying the Odd Fellows Lodge $244.00 per quarter for rent and the Trustees were asked to try and secure a reduction.

A motion made on August 4, 1908, to secure three emblematic aprons to be worn by the three principal officers of the Lodge.

At the same time it was ordered that the matter of investigating the building of a hall be left to the Trustees and that they confer with a committee from the Royal Arch Masons.

On November 3rd, Bros Louis G. Moyers, Leroy Middleton and Theodore E. Sweet were appointed to act with a committee from the Chapter in the matter of securing a hall for the use of the Lodge.

New Master Masons:

Solomon Abraham                    A.L McKay

Charles Sedgwick Bussey         Earl Roby McPheeters

David Brown                            George Otis, Jr.

Edward Charles Conway          Edward John Pearce

William Henry Cummings          H.C. Plummer

Joseph Ross Farnsworth           Abijah George Smith

Walter Lionel Kingdon  Henry J Snell

William J.G. McCune               Theodore Eli Sweet

William J Martin                       Charles Herman Weideman

John Henry McDan                  Carl Wind


Francis N. Howell

122 Master Masons on the roll


William A Smith            WM

Theodore E. Sweet       SW

Andre Caillaud JW

Arthur T. Hammons      Treas

Charles C.T. Martin      Secty

At a Regular Meeting of October 5, 1909, it was agreed to lay before the Lodge at the next Regular Meeting the question of whether or not a lunch be served after the conferring of each Third Degree, and it was decided at the meeting of December 7th, that the custom of serving such a lunch should be continued.

New Master Masons:

William Newton Allen   James Midwood

Arthur Eugene Crawford           John Nicholls

James Franklin Gray                 William A Schoenfeld

Fred C Jacobs                          Anderson Cone Webb

William P Kelsey                      Jacob Weinberger


Edward B Furlong


Louis G Moyers           WM

Andre Caiulland            SW

Robert R. Boyd            JW

Arthur T. Hammons      Treas

William E Brooke         Secty

The installation of the above officers was held at the Dreamland Theatre, there being about 550 members, visiting brethren and guest.  Lunch was served and dancing indulged in afterwards.  It was held December 27, 1909

At the meeting held February 1, 1910, Bros. Andre Caillaud, William A. Smith and Harvey C. Houser were appointed to look into the matter of securing a lot and erecting a building thereon.

It was also decided that no Lodge funds be loaned to individuals in the future.

On April 5, 1910, the committee named for purchasing a lot made a report, which was read and placed on file.  The committee was no discharged.

A letter was ordered written July 5, 1910 to the Rescue Lodge and the other Lodges asking them to cooperate to secure title to the cemetery lot.


New Master Masons:

George Henry Abel      William S. Love

William H. Butler          John C Lowe

W.J. Ellery                   C.J. McElroy

A.F. Gatlin                   P.H. McGuire

Charles A Hansen         H. B. Meriwether

J.A. Larson                  F.D. Smith

  1. K. StachellW.G. Weber


Charles S. Bussey

Fred W. Wilmans

137 Master Masons on the roll


Louis G. Moyers                      WM

James M. McLean                    SW

George Cook                           JW

Arthur T. Hammons                  Treas

Harry C. Houser                       Secty

At a Regular Meeting held April 4, 1911, a request was made by Bro. Ernest F Kellner that the Master, Senior and Junior Warden conduct his funeral at the time of his death whenever that might be at Venice California and stating that he had left the sum of $500.00 to be used for the purpose of defraying the expense of the officers.

On June 6, 1911, Bro. Thomas A. Pascoe reported that the cemetery plot would cost about $25.00 and was ordered to complete the purchase.

New Master Masons:

  1. D. AndersonJ. L. McIver
  2. W. BandhauerG. C. Oakland

Peter Cau                     J. W. Pritchett

  1. L. FandreiH. H. Prager

C.D. Grimes                 T. E. Reed

J.P. Hamilton                Joseph Sobey

W.M. Hendrix              S.F. Sullenberger

Oscar A Ingram            Andrew Williams

Barney Johnson            John P Young


  1. A. Hancock

Nathan H. Livingston

James P. Bosch

Grand Lodge:  Leroy Middleton elected  Junior Grand Warden

149 Master Masons on the roll.







James M McLean         WM

George Cook               SW

John D. Wick, Jr.         JW

Arthur T. Hammons      Treas

Harry C. Houser           Secty

On April 20, 1912, the building committee of Bros. Thomas A. Pascoe, Louis G. Moyers, William A. Smith and Andre Gaillaud stated and recommended that the Lodge purchase Lot 4 Block 84 Globe Townsite owned by Estelia D Amster.  Purchase to be made by issuance of First Mortgage bonds to be sold at par and bear 6% interest, redeemable three years after date of bond at the option of the Lodge.  $13,000.00 to be paid for lot and 9,000.00 for building.

On November 5, 1912, the building committee was ordered to prepare plans for the building.

On December 3, 1912, the subscribers to bonds were notified they could receive them at the office of the Gila Valley Bank and Trust Co. who had been appointed as Trustees

New Master Masons:

Frederick Abel Harry Knight

H.V. Chapman L.L. Patton

William M. Cohea        T. K. Scott

  1. EadsCharles W. Slack

Max Fiedler                  William J. Young

Robert S. Knowles       Frank Zlatnik

Deceased: Alfred Charles Carter

Peter Wilson

160 Master Masons on the roll

Grand Lodge: Leroy elected Deputy Grand Master


George Cook               WM

John D. Wick               SW

Harry Houser               JW

Arthur T. Hammons      Treas

Frank E. Huffer            Secty

April 1, 1913, a letter was read from the committee appointed by the Grand Lodge to compile a history of Masonry in Arizona requesting that one of our members be appointed to furnish all the information regarding our Lodge and any other Masonic information that would be of value in compiling the history.  The Master deferred the appointing of a member until a later date.

At the meeting of April 6, 1913,a motion was made, seconded and carried that a Past Masters Jewel be presented to each retiring Master of this Lodge and at the same meeting the building committee was ordered to buy the furniture for the new building.

On October 7, 1913, the first meeting was held in the new Temple.  Past Master Leroy Middleton acting as W.M.

When White Mountain Lodge No.3 proudly walked into its own beautiful temple, to find a permanent and final resting place, proud of the achievement of acquiring a life long home.

New Master Masons:


  1. AngiusE.F. Knowles

David Brymaer William H. Knuckey

W.H. Davies                A.L. Miller

H.M. Foster                 George Montanye

F.E. Gassoway Perry R. McDowell

John F. Hechtman         W.C. McFadden

C.B.Y. Hind                 G.R. Newport

  1. W. HolbertEmil H. Noetzel
  2. D. HuntCharles L. Rawlins

C.H. James                  J.N. Robinson

G.A. Johns, Jr.             S.E.D. Sears

Frank H. Jones A.C. Stoddard

Wilbern Powell Wood


William P Kelsey

Norman F. Salter

182 Master Masons on the roll.

Grand Lodge: Leroy Middleton elected Grand Master



John D. Wick, Jr.         WM

Harry C. Houser           SW

Frank Zlatnik                JW

A.T. Hammons Treas

Walter Harris                Secty

On May 5, 1914, P.G.K.  Bro. Alonzo Bailey was accorded a very hearty vote of thanks for a truly interesting report he had read on the organization and progress of this Lodge.

On November 3, 1914, a communication was read from M.W. Bro. Charles H Smith asking us to raise funds at the rate of $1.00 per member to be paid and distributed for the relief of distressed members, their widows and orphans in the grief stricken ones of the Nations at war.  It was regularly ordered that we subscribe to this plan.

New Master Masons:

Robert E. Anderson                  Fred Reaves

Joseph Crothers                       J. C. Reid

C.T. Edwards                           William G. Scheib

A.T. Esgate                              W.J. Scott

  1. F. LandieT.S. Shoemaker

James Martyn                           Arthur Symons

Fred Mayne                             E.L. Williams

Richard Pote


Charles A. Hansen,

Ernest F. Kellner, Sr.

M.F. Pruet

Eugene A. Robertson

Bros. John D. Wick Jr., Harry C. Houser and Frank Zlatnik proceeded to Venice, California and on Monday afternoon December 21st, laid to rest with Masonic Honors the remains of our late brother Ernest F. Kellner, who had passed away December 17, 1914.

196 Master Masons on the roll


John D. Wick, Jr.         WM

H.C. Houser                 SW

Frank H Jones              JW

A.T. Hammons Treas

P.R. McDowell            Secty


New Master Masons:

W.F. Carr                    David W. Reid

B.B. Gibbs                   Ernest J. Ristedt

E.H. Gilliland                Thomas H. Slaughter

George H.J. Hutchins    E.E. Smith

R.W. Keerns                J.L. Wales

Guy A Ligon                 J.G. Whitaker

G.A.F.Lundgren           John W. Williams

D.Marley                      R.Y. Williams

J.G. Merkli                   John Young

Deceased: William L Akers

191 Master Masons on the roll


Harry C. Houser           WM

Frank H Jones              SW

J.N. Robinson              JW

W.J. Ellery                   Treas

P.R. McDowell            Secty

At the meeting held on January 4, 1916, it was ordered that the players who had taken part in the play “Are You a Mason” that had been given at the Martin Theatre for the benefit of our “Furniture Fund” be extended a hearty vote of thanks and that especially Bro. Will A. Peters be thanked and congratulated on the success of the show.

At the meeting held on April 4, 1916, it was ordered that a suitable emblem be given Bro. Peters for his wonderful work in the show above mentioned.

New Master Masons:

Harry W. Adams          F.V. Lessing

Albert T. Anderson       W.J. Lewis

  1. G. AndersonAdy K McDonnell

Michael Barnes E.H. McEachren

H.W. Barron                J.C. McLean

A.W. Bertechy Julius Milton

Clarence G. Bird          Frank H. Mitchell

J.T. Bradshaw              Richard C.W. Mitchell

J.B. Bruce                    Charles Moon

W.R. Burt                    L.E. Polhemus

Charles E. Collins         William G. Reid

J.H. Daily                     Frederic A. Shaffer

S.W. Evans                  William J. Sprouse

C.C. Faires                  William E. Tiffany

J.E.Fitzpatrick              William. I. Tupman

L.C.W. Graefe             P.A. Walzer

Carl Greiner                 B.B. Ward

John H. Harper L. Weeks

H.H. Holden                 W.S.H. Weeks

W F.L. Kirby               L.W. Wyman

C.P. Kittle

No Deaths

231 Master Masons on the roll






Frank H Jones              WM

A.L. Miller                   SW

Joseph Sobey               JW

W.J. Ellery                   Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

On February 6, 1917, the Order of Eastern Star #8 was thanked for a contribution of $200.00 made by them to the Building Fund.

On March 6, 1917, Globe Commandery No. 5, K.T. were thanked for a contribution of $ 800.00 made by them to the Building Fund and Globe Chapter No.7 R.A.M. for a contribution of $500.00 made by them for the same purpose.

On February 15, 1917, at a Special Communication funeral services were held for our late brother Past Grand Master Alonzo Bailey.

On November 6, 1917, it was ordered that a suitable diploma written in several languages and furnished by the Grand Lodge be sent to our brothers in the Army and Navy.

It was also started at this meeting that the last note for $11,300.00 had been paid, it having been used for our Building Fund, and that with reasonable success we would be able to start paying off the bonds by June 15, 1918.

New Master Masons:

Ray Basham                             Samuel H. Morris

J.D. Bowen                              E.C. Muhleman

Edward Bricker                        A.T. Netterblad

E.D. Chandler                          W.F. Palmer

Manuel H. Christian                  Fred Pote

Frank J. Coleman                     Willard A. Sawyer

J.H. Davis Jr.                            Andrew J. Stripling

Charles E. Dietrick                   T.J. Tatton

W.O. Elkins                             Herb Thompson

W.W. Frazier                           Peter Vidan

G.M. Hoover                           Thomas P. Vincent

Walter W. Horst                       J.H. Weltner

J.B. Johnston                            Matthew Whitacre

M.A. Jolich                              Walter P. Whittman

J.G. Jones                                J.E. Wilkie

J.P. McCormick


Alonzo Bailey,              J.J. Miller,

Edward C. Conway                 J. William Voris

J.H. Dally                               J.O. Whitaker

249 Master Masons on the roll.


Frank H Jones              WM

Walter Harris                SW

E.H. McEachren           JW

P.R. McDowell            Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty.

On April 2, 1918, it was stated that our new By-Laws had been approved and 400 were ordered printed

On April 10, 1918, at a Special Communication, the proposed officers that were to serve Doric Lodge in Miami was held and they were pronounced proficient.

It was announced on May 7, 1918 that on June 15th, we would be able to retire $1900.00 of our outstanding bonds.

New Master Masons:

Robert .S. Allen            Charles S. Huffman

J.W. Angove                Sol. Krupp

W.C. Braley                 J.L. Lindsey

Howard D. Butts          Harold W. Perkins

W.H. Childress Ernest A. Smith

I.S. Cochrane               B.O. Throlls

Charles W. Conway     A.N. Voss

Herman H. Earnest       John Williams

John E. Fiedler D.W. Woods

George W. Green

28 members withdrew to form Doric Lodge at Miami



Daniel Campbell

George Livengood

Mathew Whitacre

239 Master Masons on the roll.



George Montanye         WM

William J Sprouse         SW

William J. Martin          JW

P.R. McDowell            Treas

Wilbern .P. Wood        Secty

On March 3, 1919, Doric Lodge No.26, Miami, Arizona was constituted.  Officers and members of this Lodge acting for the Grand Lodge Officers.  P.G.M. Louis G. Moyers acted for the Grand Master with Past Master Frank H. Jones Master of Ceremonies.

On April 1, 1919, it was reported that this Lodge had subscribed $3625.00 and Doric Lodge No. 26, $1474.00 to the Widow and Orphans Endowment Fund for the proposed Widows and Orphans Hoe of Arizona.

New Master Masons:

Edward Barton             David Levison

Thomas H. Bennets                  Thomas J. Long

C.L. Conway                           C.B. McMichael

Warren D. Cornish                   Joseph W. Medlyn, Jr.

L.H. Curran                              W. Charles Nicholas

Wm. Deeble                             John J. Penrose

J.E. Erickson                            Herbert H. Price

Jesse M. Gibson                       G.W. Schuck

Parley P. Greer             T.H. Thomas

Alfred  Hansen             Garrett Van Wagenen

William E. Hogel                       Charles Westling

Stanley H. Houston                   Ernest G. Williams

William. Kerr                            George H. Witte

William E. Lane                        William S. Young

C.W. Lanphere

No Deaths

Grand Lodge: Louis G Moyers elected Junior Grand Warden

266 Master Masons on the roll



William J Sprouse         WM

William J. Martin          SW

Guy A. Ligon                JW

P.R. McDowell            Treas

Frank H Jones              Secty

On March 8, 1920, it was reported that the subscriptions for the Widows and Orphans Endowment Fund now amounted to $8785.00, that being $880.00 over and above the amount allotted to this and Doric Lodge No. 26.

During the meeting of April 6, 1920, it was reported that the home of Mrs. V.Y. Smith, the widow of one of our former members was being destroyed by fire, and it was ordered that relief be promptly given her.

June 1, 1920, it was ordered that there be a Masonic Benefit started by a popular subscription of $5.00 from each member and a subscription of $3.00 per annum from each member during its existence.  This was done to relieve among other things such accidents as are mentioned above.

New Master Masons:

V.R. L, Browne                        R.N. McBride

James W. Cokeen                    R.D. Morgan

Thomas H. Donahue                 C.E. Newton

W.T. Faulkner                          W.P. Reynolds

G.H. Graham                            J.E. Ringburg

F.J. Hart                                   G.J. Smith

N.E. Holden                             W.M. Titsworth

J.L. Jordan                               Francis W. Verren

Louis T. Martin             Jay K. Wade

G.W. Wood


G.C. Oakland

Grand Lodge: Louis G Moyers elected Senior Grand Warden

266 Master Masons on the roll


Guy A Ligon                 WM

Barney Johnson            SW

  1. E. HogelJW

C.B.Youle Hind            Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

On January 4, 1921 it was reported that we had retired $3500.00 in bonds during the past year and there were still 13,500.00 in bonds still outstanding.  At the November 1, 1921, meeting Bro. James R. Malott gave a short talk on the purposes of the Masonic Service Association which probably led to the formation of our Study Club.

New Master Masons:

Charles A. Austin                     D.W. Lum                                            Clyde L. McDowell

Augustine Gusemiller                 James R. Malott                                   James Sullivan

A.B. Hendrix                            O.B. Marshall                                       F.E. Webb

W.W. Hunter


  1. L. Patton
  2. L. Gerald


Grand Lodge: Louis G Moyers elected Deputy Grand Master

269 Master Masons on the roll.


William E Hogel            WM

John H Harper              SW

Walter W. Horst           JW

C.B. Youle Hind           Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

At the meeting of February 7, 1922, Bro. F. E. Webb stated what we are trying to do to organize a study club.

In February of this year the first Bulletin issued by the Lodge for the benefit of its members and friends was issued.  So far as is known, this was the first Bulletin to be issued regularly by any Lodge in Arizona.

New Master Masons:

Lee E. Anderson          W.G. McBride

Robert W. Banks         Abe S. Nahas

C.F. Beck                    N.F. Newman

S.E. Clark                    Walter H. Norton

H.H. Colley                  C.W. Smith

  1. Guy DikemanW.E. Snook

Andrew J. Gilbert         G.E. Tubbs

H.W. Hundley              Otto J. Tuschka


Edward Cain

James William Ransom

270 Master Masons on the roll.

Grand Lodge: Louis Moyers elected Grand Master


John H Harper              WM

Walter W. Horst           SW

Herbert H. Price           JW

C.B.Youle Hind            Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

The following committee was appointed on January 2, 1923, for the study Club and Masonic Research

At the same meeting the matter of inviting the Grand Lodge to meet in Globe for their 1924 meeting and subscriptions amounted to $225.00 were raised and a committee composed of Bros. Max Fiedler, Louis G. Moyers and Charles W. Conway was appointed to look into the matter and see if the necessary funds could be raised among the members.

On February 6th, Bro. Max Fiedler of the above committee reported that the sum of $1825.00 had so far been pledged, and it was ordered that the Lodge pledge $100.00 if the invitation was accepted.

The matter of building a memorial to George Washington was for the first time brought up by Bro. Louis G. Moyers and subscriptions solicited.

At the meeting of March 6th, Bro. L.G. Moyers stated that the Grand Lodge would be with us in 1924 and that the necessary funds for their entertainment had been raised.

Bro. Louis G. Moyers reported on May 1st, that a copy of the history of the Lodge compiled by the late Past Grand Master Alonzo had been obtained and with that in hand the Historical Committee hoped to bring the history of the Lodge up to date.

The question of organizing a DeMolay Chapter for boys was brought up, and it was decided to see how many candidates could be procured in this district.

It was decided May 1st, to have a meeting of the Study Club the third Monday in May and on the second Monday in each succeeding month, and having gotten it started to invite Doric Lodge No. 26 to join us in the movement.

New Master Masons:

W.C. Burling                            A.F. Maisch

John W. Carpenter                   F.H. McCowen

Ira B Childs                              George A. Oliver

C.L. Fauber                             Claude T. Paris

Herbert J. Finnegan                  H.C. Vacher

Walter V. Hamilton                   C.A. Walker

G.L. Jackson                            Joseph A. Wamsley

Harry O. Johnson                     Hammond Westerfield

  1. LevisonGeorge A. Wieland

R.J, Martin                               R.B. Wilson


W.T. Faulkner,

A.M. Lenyon,

J.G. Oldfield,

Harry F. Sanders

267 Master Masons on the roll.



Walter W Horst            WM

Herbert H Price            SW

John H. Van Nattan      JW

C.B.Youle Hind            Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of Arizona commenced its Forty second Annual Communication in the Masonic Hall in Globe Arizona on the 12th day of February 1924 at 10 o’clock A.M.

On August 5th, we were advised that our bonded indebtedness amounted to $4000.00.

It was again brought to the attention of the members the advisability of making “Wills” and it was stated that the Secretary would provide suitable forms to any that might apply.

On December 2, 1924, the following was noted. It was moved seconded and ordered that beginning the first of 1925, the special assessment know as the Masonic Benefit Fund be rescinded, but when the debt on this building is paid, there shall be the sum of $3.00 per member per annum taken from the income of the building and placed in the Masonic Benefit Fund”.

Bro Thomas A Pasco was presented with a beautiful Past Masters Apron at the above meeting.

New Master Masons:

Oscar A. Anderson                  Arthur L. Leissner

William M. Anderson                J.A. Mellen

Walter W. Cavaness                 Clarence E. Payer

Fred W. Curts                          L.L. Radford

  1. GershfieldC.C. Robertson

F.E. Haitland                            W.J. Shurtleff

Jesse G. Hayes             Henry M. Whitney

Greenlee L. Hickman                Rollo Wightman

A.L. Kohlmetz              Alfred E. Williams

William C. Langdon                  B. McD. Woods


G.L. Fandrei

298 Master Masons on the roll


Herbert H Price            WM

John H. Van Nattan      SW

James R. Malott           J.W.

C.B.Youle Hind            Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

At the meeting of January 6, 1925, subscriptions were taken for the George Washington National Memorial.

The Lodge donated $250.00 for the Globe Chapter Order DeMolay for Boys.

On June 22nd, Bro. Wilbern A. Smith reported that all arrangements had been made to hold a Masonic Picnic on June 24th, to which we had invited the members of Doric Lodge # 26.

On September 21st, it was announced that the last of the bonds covering the indebtedness on our building had been paid and it was decided to hold a banquet on October 7, 1925 at which time we would celebrate the happy occasion.

At the meeting held October 6th, it was moved that our By-Laws be changed making the dues $6.00 per year instead of $9.00 to be effective January 1, 1926

New Master Masons:

W.A. Blondon                          W.E. Parker

Roscoe L. Bradley                    Brewer. Phillips

B.C. Brewster                          William Porri

John Davelin                             A.C. Rachtel

William J. Eustace                     George J Smith

Rowland W. Hill                       William J. Tanner

T.J. Hocking                             I.H. Vogel

Fred H Jones                            Sam L Vukovich

L.H. Kassold                            W.A. Walsh

Albert Lange                            F.A. Williams

Richard L. Mountjoy                J.W. Williams

W.P. Newberry


George Savage Andrus

William Kerr

C.B. McMichael

308 Master Masons on the roll.



This evening we met to celebrate what many of us have looked forward to for many years, namely, the date when we might say that this Temple was entirely free from debt, and is peculiarly fitting that we celebrate on this particular evening as just twelve years ago tonight we held our first meeting in this Temple.

In addition to celebrating the great achievement, it was the desire to do honor to our Past Master Thomas Abbott Pascoe, to whose financial genius a great portion of the success is due.

The tables in the banquet hall were comfortably filled at 6.30 P.M. with a gathering of 130 masons comprising most of the resident members of this Lodge and many visitors from Doric Lodge #26 of Miami, with a goodly number from Lodges scattered throughout the State and Country.

The menu which had been kindly prepared by the ladies of Globe Chapter No. 27, Order of Eastern Star consisted of Young roast turkey, with dressing and Cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green peas, not rolls, coffee and chocolate with celery, pickles and olives.  The dinner was most excellently prepared, deftly served and was enjoyed most heartily.

Professor W.K, Blackstone with the assistance of Donald and Robert White and Miss Dorothy Johns played a march, after which Bro. Guy A Ligon as Toastmaster called on Bro. Brewster for the invocation.

During the entire evening Professor Blackstone with the Orchestra played many selections, which were highly appreciated.

Past Master George Cook gave a very interesting and detailed talk on the early struggles of the Lodge to find a suitable location and after having found it, to finance the building of the Temple.  Great stress was laid upon the invaluable services of Bros. Paul Michaelson and Charles H Weideman to whom the final selection of the plan was left.  Bro. Michaelson actually superintended all the work and gave his services for practically nothing.  Bro. Michaelson was here asked to stand and be introduced to those who had never met him.  Bro. Michaelson in a few well-chosen remarks depreciated the kind words spoken of him by Bro. Cook and while acknowledging that he had helped, still said that the success was due to many others who had also helped in the work.  Bro.Cook then went on to tell us of the hard and difficult task then entered into by Bro. Pascoe who untiringly devoted most of his time to the work of financing the building.

Bro. Pascoe was refused help from several sources from which he expected it, but undaunted, kept at the job until all the funds were raised to complete the structure.   The brethren all united in expressing their high appreciation of Bro. Pascoe’s efforts to secure the financial stability of the Lodge.

Between the set speeches, Bro. Fred A Shaffer was much complimented for the splendid manner in which he led the singing by all of those present in a number of familiar songs the words of several of which had been changed and composed by Bro. James Malott, present Junior Warden to suit the occasion.

In “A Voice From Doric” by Past Master Everett H McEachren of Doric # 26, he complimented the Lodge highly upon the success of its achievement in ridding the building of debt, and told of the success that Doric Lodge was meeting with present, having now a total of 267 members.  He paid a fitting tribute to their first Master, Bro. George S Sloan who had worked actively to bring the Lodge to its present high degree of usefulness, and to Bro. Clarence E. Payer its first Secretary.

Bro. Charles L Rawlins under the head of “Leadership” paid numerous high tributes to Bro. Pascoe in connection with the financing of the Temple and mentioned many instances of Bro. Pascoe’s generosity in assisting people and enterprises that had come to his notice.  His urgent and strong advice that no debt on the building whatsoever met with the wholehearted approval of those present.

Very interesting and pleasing addresses were made by Past Master Frank Robertson, Wilbur C McKenzie and Joseph Sattler as well as William W. Thornton, the present Master of Doric No. 26.

Bro. John D Wick, Past Master of this Lodge who was associated with Bro. Pascoe as Trustee of the Lodge during almost the entire term of its indebtedness gave many interesting details connected with the arrangements made for financing the building, paying a very high tribute to Bro. Pascoe as a Mason and true friend and stated that it was the intention of the Lodge to have an enlarged portrait of Bro. Pascoe made and hung in a conspicuous place, where in years to come newcomers might see what he thought should be termed the portrait of the “Father of White Mountain Lodge.”

Worshipful Master Herbert H Price in a few well-chosen words thanked Bro. Wick, stating that the Lodge would be very glad to receive such a portrait and give it due honor.

The members then adjourned to the Lodge room, where Bro. Pascoe escorted by Bros. Cook and Price proceeded to burn the mortgage.

This proved to be a highly impressive and memorable ceremony.

The brethren gathered around the altar on which was placed the urn for the destruction of the mortgage.  In a period of respectful silence, Bro. Pascoe who carried the document in his right hand, slowly advanced and placed it in the vessel, while Bro. Cook applied the match, which ended the existence of the document.

It was during this impressive moment that Bro. Pascoe, who was deeply affected by the great occasion, cordially thanked the brethren for the self-sacrificing manner in which they had backed up his efforts for so many years. He added “I have looked forward to this moment for many years and I am satisfied.”

As the mortgage burned to ashes, Bro. Pascoe concluded his brief remarks with the words. “It is finished.”

At the conclusion of the shout ceremony, Brother Brewster pronounced the Benediction.

The solid copper receptacle or bowl in which the mortgage was burned was furnished through the courtesy of our brother Thomas H Donahue of the Inspiration Consolidated Copper Company, and made of native copper at the International Smelting Company.

It was planned to hold the receptacle intact with its contents.

The Secretary was instructed to write to Bro. Donahue thanking him for the courtesy, which was greatly appreciated.

The ladies taking part in the serving of the banquet under the leadership of Mrs. Stella Kerr, Worthy Matron of Globe Chapter No. 27, Order of Eastern Star and to whom special thanks are due, were Mesdames Emma Reynolds, Lena Sturgeon, Rose Hocking, Florence Langdon, Rose Childress, Margaret Ill, Gertrude Price, Anna Knight, Stella Childs, Laura Casaboom, Lucy Young, Hester Oliver, Margarite Moyers and Sadie Wood.

The committee having charge of the banquet consisted of

George Cook, Chairman

Guy A Ligon, Herbert Price, John H Van Nattan, Wilbern P. Wood, William E. Hogel, Walter W. Horat, W. G. Scheib, William S. Sultan and James A. Malott


John H Van Nattan       WM

James R. Malott           SW

W.J. Shurtleff               JW

C.B.Youle Hind            Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

On Sunday January 17, 1926, a special Communication was called for the purpose of conducting the funeral ceremonies for our late brother Thomas Abbott Pascoe, The services were very largely attended and were very impressive.



New Master Masons:

Arthur B. Armstrong     Alfred F. Hallett

Ivan H. Barkdoll           Harmon N. Lewis, Jr.

George G. Baxter         Israel P. McBride

D.C. Blue                     J. W. Murton

A.L. Butz                    Thomas Thompson


Thomas Abbott Pascoe

James Frederick

314 Master Masons on the roll.


James R. Malott           WM

  1. E. PhillipsSW

Ira B Childe                  JW

C.B.Youle Hind            Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

At the meeting of January 4, 1927, a very lively discussion ensued as to the action of the Grand Lodge in not providing a Masonic Home.

Bro. L.G. Moyers spoke of the troubles encountered by the Grand Lodge Committee in endeavoring to find a suitable place on which to build the home, and also gave a history of the founding of the fund and what it hoed it would eventually lead to.

On February 18th, A Special Communication was called to conduct the funeral ceremonies for our late Bro. Past Master Butler Gilbert Fox.

On May 3rd, it was decided to donate the sum of $50.00 for the relief of the Mississippi River flood sufferers and on June 7th, the sum of $100.00 was donated to the same cause.

New Master Masons:

C.W. Adams                            Carl E. Madsen                        George C. Johnson

Syd. Barton                              Carl Mathews                           C.L. Walker

L.M. Brown                             Guy V. McGowen                    James M. Kempson

Wood K. Claypool                   J.R.B McMillan                        William F.Yetzer

L.D. Cox                                  J. Meister                                 L.P. Lewis

Manley G. Crawford                Quillo J. Nichols                       L. Zent

Edward A. Flannigan                P.A. Pinson                              Bruce M. Liddil

R.E. Gammon                           Harold C. Plummer

T.L Harris                                Morton S. Presler

J.K. Howard                            T.J. Sharp

C.E. Hull                                  Sol S. Stark


Butler G. Fox, H.B, Meriwether

J.P. Hamilton               John C. Pascoe

George M. Kerney

336 Master Masons on the roll.


Brewer E Phillips          WM

Ira B Childs                  SW

Richard L. Mountjoy    JW

C.B.Youle Hind            Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

On January 3, 1928, the Master appointed Bros. J. A. Wamsley, Richard Mountjoy and Wilbern Wood to reply to a communication from the Grand Lodge and asking us to make a survey of the members of the Lodge and report the number of brothers that would be ready to enter a Masonic Home if one were built.

New Master Masons::

George W. Amberson

K.T. Anderson                         W.W. Poindexter

Graham Foster                         Claude A. Rector

Theodore C. Harper                 Jerry W. Sims

Harry W. Iles                           Carl A. Swanson

William R Kennedy                   Creed B. Troutman

Grover F. Miller                       W.E. Webb

Prentice A. Phillips                    Norton White


I.S. Cochrane,              Gustaf Lundgren

Henry J. Day,               Charles E. Taylor

Oliver Felton,               George J. Stoneman,

Oscar A. Ingram

342 Master Masons on the roll.



Ira B Childs                              WM

Richard L Mountjoy                 SW

William J. Tanner                      JW

C.B.Youle. Hind                       Treas

Wilbern P. Wood                     Secty

At the meeting of the Grand Lodge in February it had been decided to ask them to hold their 1930 Communication in Globe, but as the Lodge at Douglas also wanted it, it was decided to let Douglas have it and we would invite them to meet in Globe in 1931 at which time would celebrate our fiftieth anniversary.

New Master Masons:

Gerald I. Craig G.D. Hastings

R.G. Craig                    William T. Lightle

Troy Crow                   Lee L. McDaniel

E.V. Draper                 William B. Mitchell, Jr.

D.L. Forrestor              Floyd R. Nugent

E.F. Hastings, Jr           Charles P. Riggs


John H. Harper,                        William S Sultan,

David Levison,                         Alfred E Williams

William McFadden,

345 Master Masons on the roll.


Richard L Mountjoy                 WM

Robert S Allen                          SW

P.P. Greer                                JW

C.B.Youle Hind                        Treas

Wilbern F. Wood                     Secty

At the meeting held February 4th, it was decided to invite the Grand Lodge and all Concordant Bodies also the Eastern Star Body to hold their next annual Communication to be held in 1931 in Globe.

In Making his report to the Lode at the meeting of March, the Master stated that the invitation as above stated had been extended and gratefully accepted.

It was reported December 2nd, that the question of getting bids for decorating the interior of the building was going along nicely and that the various committees appointed for the Grand Lodge entertainment were doing their duty.


New Master Masons:

Ben Avery Jr.               M.W. Hollinshead

H.C. Bodemer              Cecil R. Johnson

Bennett Y. Brewer        Hugh B. Laird

Robert S. Calder          William K. Noles

Richard A. Grabe         H.E. Roloff

J.A. Gray                     Frederic L. Sauls

Willard R. Helmke        W.M. Tenney, Jr.


J.E. Erickson,               T. S. Shoemaker

Harry C. Houser,          Andrew Williams

J.G. Reid

346 Master Masons on the roll.


Robert S. Allen WM

Prentice A Phillips         SW

Guy V McGowen         JW

C.B.Youle Hind            Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

This Lodge was fortunate this year as having been named as the official entertainers of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Arizona and the concordant bodies.  The Grand Lodge was convened Tuesday, February 16, 1931, at 10AM with very large representations of Master Masons from this state and elsewhere.

On the afternoon of February 11th, the Grand Lodge was called from Labor to Refreshment for the purpose of dedicating our hall; this being the fiftieth anniversary of the organization of this lodge.  The members of the Order of Eastern Star were invited to attend.  The ceremony which was very impressive was presided over by Past Grand Master Brother Morris Goldwater, with Past Master Reverend Brother Robert Scott Calder acting as Grand Chaplain.

Despite the great depression throughout the country and the world at large, the Lodge has held its own and shows a net gain of four members for the year.

Though we have had an unusual number of calls for assistance, we are proud to say we have promptly met them.

We were fortunate in securing through the kind assistance of Mrs. Alonzo Bailey, widow of our Brother Past Grand Master Alonzo Bailey, the location of the cabin in which our brothers met prior to the organization of this Lodge.  It now stands back of the brick building formerly occupied by Brother Bailey as a residence on the northeast corner of Hill and Bailey Streets.


New Master Masons:

Lomax Aston                            Harold James

Allen Edgar Caraway                James Purvis

George Batchelor Church         Frank Darwin Smith

James Gordon Dennis               William Edgar Stanfield

Eugene Hamilton                       Preface Finas Strickland

Marion Floyd Holmes               William Edgar Stanfield

Earl Edward Horrell                  Horace Monroe Turner

Roy Barclay Wilson


Clarence St.Clair Benner,         Francis Louis Gates,

Max Carl Bonne,                      John Delaney Holcombe,

Charles Washington Conway    Theron Hart Slaughter,

Max Fielder,                             William James Tanner.

There are 350 Master Masons on the roll


Prentice A Phillips         WM

Guy V McGowen         SW

Gerald I Craig              JW

C.B.Youle Hind            Treas

Wilbern P. Wood         Secty

White Mountain Lodge has cause to feel proud; two of its members have received high honors in Masonry. We refer to Brother Wilbern P. Wood our secretary, who had the 33rd Degree of Scottish Rite Masonry conferred on him at the last meeting of the Supreme Council held in Washington, D.C.  At the same time the Title and Rank of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor was conferred on Brother Guy A Ligon.

On August 4th, White Mountain Lodge held a picnic at Pinal Ranch in honor of Brother Gerald I. Craig and his bride.  There were 120 Masons present with their families, who furnished dinner and all enjoyed the afternoon and evening.

New Master Masons:

Victor Atanasoff

Glenn Clanton Hazelwood,


Ira Bell Childs, Harold Wentworth Perkins,

Graham Foster,            Carl Arthur Swanson.



Guy V McGowen         WM

Gerald I Craig              SW

Wm. T. Lightle JW

Wm. E. Hogel              Treas

Prentice A. Phillips        Secty

Brother James E Malott served the Grand Lodge as Junior Grand Warden.

Due to the depressed state of business and the general unsettled condition of the country the matter of delinquent dues and the per capita tax required serious consideration. With the co-operation of the Most Worshipful Marquis La Fayette Gibbons Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons in Arizona, the difficulty in regard to the refund of the per capita tax, delinquent dues and the remission of dues was satisfactorily settled.

On November 7th, the Most Worshipful Marquis La Fayette Gibbons, Grand Master of Masons of Masons of Arizona made his official visit to the lodge.


Anniversary Pins presented:

Frederic LeBaron Jones 50 years

The oldest member of the lodge, Brother Frederic LeBaron Jones was presented with a fifty-year pin on December 5th.  Brother Jones was made a Mason in Darien Lodge # 126, Darien, Wisconsin, March 16, 1869. He became a member of this Lodge by affiliation on January 26, 1899.

For faithful service to the lodge, Brother Paul Michaelson was made a Life Member.

The annual ball for Master Masons, their wives and families and the Ladies of the Eastern Star was held on December 22, 1933.

The Square and Compass Club, organized in 1922, continued its activities.  With Brother Prentice A. Phillips a president many interesting and valuable meetings were held.

New Master Masons:

James Robert Heron

Oliver Cooper Pinson


Charles Bailey                          William E Tiffany,

John F Hechtman                      Frank Alfred Woodward

Youle Hind


Grand Lodge: James R Malott elected Junior Grand Warden


Gerald I Craig              WM

Wm. T. Lightle SW

Lee L McDaniel           JW

Edward A. Flannigan    Treas

Wm. E. Hogel              Secty

On February 22, 1934, a joint meeting was held at Miami with the Doric Lodge No. 26 to commemorate the illustrious brother George Washington.  This meeting was held in accordance with the proclamation issued by the Most Worshipful I.M. Gibbons, Grand Master of Masons of Arizona.

A resolution was passed that all Past Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Arizona who are members of this lodge, as well as those in the future who may become Past Grand Masters, shall be given Life Membership in this Lodge.

Frederic LeBaron Jones was granted a Life Membership on July 3, 1934.  Brother Jones is the oldest mason belonging to the Grand Lodge of Arizona.

On October 23, the Most Worshipful James Whetstine Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons in Arizona made his official visit to the Lodge.  During this visit, Past Master Louis G Moyers was presented with a Life Membership to this Lodge.  With an interesting talk brother Moyers outlined his progress through the Grand Lodge.  He expressed his appreciation of the honor the Lodge had conferred upon him.

New Master Masons:

George Wade Grossmiller         Lionel Mark Jacobs

George Moray Hill                    Edward A Kennedy

Anson Benjamin Ingels  Thomas Hart Powell

                                                William Marcus Schwartz

New Affiliations:

Brothers James Sullivan

Fred A Kennedy



George Wylie Paul Hunt

Grand Lodge: James R Malott elected Senior Grand Warden


Wm. T. Lightle WM

Lee L. McDaniel          SW

Fred Shaffer                 JW

Edward A. Flannigan    Treas

Wm. E. Hogel              Secty

This year Brother James R. Malott was elected Deputy Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Arizona.  Brother Gerald I. Craig was appointed Deputy Grand Lecturer of this District.

On June 19, the Brothers of this Lodge and the Ladies of the Eastern Star were the picnic guests of the Hiram Club in Superior

Brother Frederic A Shaffer was made an honorary 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason.

New Master Masons:

George Sylvester Thomas

James King

New Affiliations:

Samuel Smith Gillespie,

Frank F Morris,

Joseph Lewis Monical

Deceased:  Ralph Holton,                   Frederick LeBaron Jones,

James Henry MaDam        William Jefferson Sprouse

David Wilson Reid,            Frank Zlatnik

Grand Lodge: James R Malott elected Deputy Grand Master



Lee Lesher McDaniel               WM

Frederic A Shaffer                    SW

James Gordon Dennis               JW

Wm. E. Hogel                          Treas

Frank H Jones                          Secty


On March 3rd, a trust fund was established by the sale of stock left to the Lodge by the late Brother James Madam.  This trust fund is to be used to help brothers requiring assistance.

The Lodge was honored this year by having Brother Malott elected as Grand Master.  In celebration of this event a banquet was given in his honor.  Brother Guy Ligon was appointed Grand Tyler.

On December 14th, the Most Worshipful James R. Malott, Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of Arizona made his official visit to the Lodge. His message included a sketch of early masonry and grand lodges, and a description of how the grand lodges operate.

New Master Masons:

Robert Durham Canfield

Benjamin Marion Wooters

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 years Charles T Martin

Grand Lodge: James R Malott was elected Grand Master

Guy Ligon, Grand Tyler

Deceased: Robert Allen                      H. C. Bodemer

Guy Dikeman                      Thomas H Thomas

John Young






Frederic A Shaffer                    WM

James Gordon Dennis               SW

Joseph Louis Monical               JW

Edward A Flannigan                 Treas.

Wm. E. Hogel                          Secty

New Master Masons:

Branislav Sam Milutinovich                   William Clemers Penrose

Marko Sam Milutinovich                       Oscar J Rainey

Joseph Emroy Moore                           Frank Leroy Tucker

Frank Henry Parker                              Nicholas Daniel Wusich


New Affiliations:

James Franklin Cox


Ivan Harry Barkdoll

Robert Smith Knowles

Hugh Boyd Laird

Fred Mayne

Anniversary Pins presented:

Pinckney Clifford Anderson 50 years

On February 2nd a trust fund was established for the purpose of paying the dues of the life members.

During the week of March 7, the Lodge was honored by having the Grand Lodge of Arizona meet in the temple.

In appreciation of his faithful efforts in handling the legal and financial affairs of the Lodge Brother James R Malott was voted a Life Membership.

The official visit of the Most Worshipful Barnett Ellis Marks, Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of Arizona was made on September 5, 1937.  His message included a discussion of the definition of masonry and the significance of the working tools of a Master Mason.

White Mountain Lodge was the recipient of the home of the MaDam Estate and it was sold for $1200.00.






James Gorden Dennis               WM

Joseph L Monical                     SW

David H Orr                             JW

Guy V McGowen                     Treas

Wm. E. Hogel                          Secty

New Master Masons: Willis Lee Hickman

William Thomas Lightle, Jr.

New Affiliations: John Thomas Lewis



Walter Williams Cavaness                     William P Reynolds

Joseph W Medlyn

William Charles Glenn

Charles Willard Slack

Grand Lodge: Brother Frederic A Shaffer was appointed Grand Orator

On October 7th, the Most Worshipful Quintus J Anderson, Grand Master of Masons of Arizona, made his official visit to the Lodge.  His message was “Are you a Mason”


Joseph Lewis Monical              WM

Ralph Eggleston                        SW

Bennet Y Brewer                      JW

Guy V McGowen                     Treas

Wm. E Hogel                           Secty

New Master Masons:

Robert Lee Ailor

Ruben Levers Weatherly


Deceased: William Porri

George John Smith

William Jordan Young

On May 2nd, rules and regulations for the disposal of plots in the Masonic Cemetery were made by the committee and passed by the lodge.

On East Sunday the Lodge attended the Church of Christ for services conducted by brother Black, pastor of that church

During the Grand Lodge session in Douglas Brother James R Malott was appointed on the Jurisprudence Committee and on the Special Committee Survey and Objectives.

Brother Louis G Moyer was appointed on the By_Laws Committee


Ralph Eggleston            WM

Bennett Y Brewer         SW

Lionel Mark Jacobs      JW

Guy V McGowan         Treas

Wm/ E. Hogel              Secty

New Master Masons:

George William Leech

Paul Charles Lightle

George Matthew Shepard



William Hugh Knuckey David Welsch

Abijah George Smith                Rollo Wightman


The Easter Sunday service of Masons was held at Saint Paul’s Methodist Church.  Reverend Burl N Long conducted the services.

On March 13th an old style dance and card party for masons and their wives and girl friends was held in the Masonic Temple.

For the Memorial Day service the Alter in the Temple was draped in black.  Brother Oscar J Rainey, Rector of Saint John’s Episcopal Church conducted the services.

At the conclusion of the business meeting on July 2nd, a patriotic service was held.  National songs were sung; Brother James R Malott addressed the masons with a talk on their opportunities as masons to perpetuate the principles upon which our country was founded.

The Scottish Rite club presented the Masonic Play “The Greatest of Ease” by Carl H Cludy, at the regular communication on October 1st.  The play was well received, holding the interest of all until the end.  Those taking part in it are to be commended for the excellent manner in which they put it on.

On October 15th, the Most Worshipful Louis Albert Myers, Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Arizona, made his official visit to the Lodge.  In his very instructive and interesting address he spoke on the power that is in the world for good or evil.  The power of the dictators who tell us what we can or cannot do, etc., is power used for a wrong purpose but the power of a good purpose can be found in the spirit of free masonry with its teachings of the brotherhood of man.



Bennett Y Brewer         WM

Lionel M. Jacobs          SW

Wm. C. Penrose           JW

Lee L McDaniel           Treas

James G Dennis            Secty

New Master Masons

Alva J Davenport                      Jack Reginald McNutt

Henry Harrison Hood,              William Milo Stephens

James Thomas Lewis                Melvin Sherwood Termain

On January 7, 1941. The matter of members volunteering or being called in the Government Service, It was agreed that the Lodge pay their dues during their absence and Secretary to issue current cards.

On January 7, 1941, Bro. Michaelson spoke of the Lodge building showing evidence of being infested by termites and asked the W.M. to get suitable assistance and investigate the matter.

On January 7, 1941, Bro. William C. Penrose (Dad) of Globe DeMolay Chapter, thanked the Lodge for the use of the hall during the recent DeMolay conclave, and expressed also his pleasure of the fine cooperation of the members.

On July 1, 1941, a communication was read from our Grand Master, Bro Toler R. White that we report the names and organizations of our members who may be with the armed forces of the nation.  The Grand Lodge will in turn request the Grand Lodge within whose jurisdiction they are that the nearby lodges place these Brethren on their mailing lists while they are so stationed.



James Agnew                           George S Thomas

Thomas Harbison Donahue       William Irwin Tupman

James Martin                            Tom Trevillian

Charles Nicholas                      Horace M. Turner

Oliver Cooper Pinson               William Alpheus Smith

Prentice A. Phillips



Lionel M. Jacobs                      WM

William C. Penrose                   SW

Lomax Aston                            JW

Lee L. McDaniel                      Treas

James G. Dennis                       Secty


New Master Masons:

Peter Andrew Hansen,

Royal E Phelps,

Fred Robert Wilson,


Clyde A Elrod


Olaf Brue                                 Frank Maitland

George Washington Green        Charles C.T. Martin,

Greenlee Lee Hickman Isaac Massie,

George Kingdon                       Charles Westling,

William Charles Langdon

On March 3, 1942, Bro Frank Jones, Trustee of the Lodge reported the purchase of Defense Bonds to the amount of $3000.00

On June 2, 1942, It was regularly moved and seconded and carried that the Secretary insert some kind of remembrance, such as cigars, cigarettes, etc. from the lodge when mailing membership card to any of our Brothers who are in the service of their country.

A Past Master’s jewel was presented to WM Lionel Jacobs.


Wm. C. Penrose           WM

Lomas Aston                SW

H.M. Turner                 JW

Lee L. McDaniel          Treas

James G Dennis            Secty

New Master Masons:

Thomas B. Bell,                        Rupert A. Hooker

A.J. Cubitto,                 E. L. Watkins

Joseph Cubitto

New affiliations:

Andrew Ray Ewing,      Axel Jones,

Leonard Johnson,         Eldon K White



William James Eustace,

Jean Andre Caillaud

Walter P Wittman

Two Hundred (200.00) Dollars was voted for improving the Globe Cemetery road and a Quit Claim Deed to one acre of land adjoining the cemetery was ordered to be signed by the Trustees.

New aprons were ordered for the officers.

The Square and Compass Study Club was active and several very interesting meetings were enjoyed by the brothers.


Lomas Aston                WM

Frank Parker                SW

Ruben L. Weatherley    JW

Lee L McDaniel           Treas

James G Dennis            Secty

New Master Masons:

James F Aiello              Frank T Keltner

T.E. Anders                  Lloyd L Netherlin

Howard J Ayres           E. Jack Paxton

Lionel H Castle Herman H Smith

Albert Di Toli,              John H Taylor, Sr.

Edwin R Husted           Milton D Webb

Jerry Johnson

New Affiliations:

Estel W Brooks            Listra C. Moore

O.C. Byrd                    Walter G Scott

Robery Lacy                John O. Trethaway


H.V. Chapman Thomas Jennings

  1. O. ElkinsJ. L. Jorden

Andrew R. Ewing         W. S. Kingdon

Seven hundred (700.00) Dollars was invested in War Bonds.

New aprons were purchased for the Officers.



Frank L Parker WM

Joseph Moore              SW

James T Lewis              JW

Lee L McDaniel           Treas

James G Dennis            Secty

New Master Masons:

Thomas C Bebb                       Kenneth Charles Hood

Charles Brewton                       James R Johnson,

Martin Lamar Brewton Randol O Matsel

Walter A Franklin                     James P Michaelson.

Wilmer H. Garrett                     Charles L Simpkins

New Affiliations:

Bosko Jovo Ragenovich


George Garland Baxter             James Murdock McLean

Clarence G Bird,                      John E Ringberg

Lionel M Jacobs                       William G Schieb

Benjamin M Wooters

During a summer storm, a large portion of the metal roof blew off the Temple.  Several brothers gathered and hastily repaired it to save the building from further damage until permanent repairs could be made.

A Past Master’s jewel was presented to PM Lomas Aston.

Due to the war restrictions, and lack of sufficient hotel accommodations at Phoenix only one representative will be allowed to attend the Annual Communication.

Alva Butz was held a P.O.W. in the Philippines by the Japanese.

Grand Lodge appointments: Gerald I Craig was appointed Grand Standard Bearer


Joseph E Moore           WM

James T. Lewis SW

Eldon K White JW

Lee L McDaniel           Treas

James G Dennis            Secty


New Master Masons:

Harry Barkdoll             James R Malott Jr.

Gilbert F Bradley                      Lee L Moore

V.L. Cunningham                      William H Odum

George R Dempster Sr.            Edwin Allen Perkins

Sydney Byrl Fix                        Walter A Robbins

James D Johnson                      Harold Lee Rupkey

Louis C Johnson                       William M Zimmerman

Edwin P Latham

New Affiliations: Tuck Simpson


Leo Eaton Anderson     Henry H Hood

Joseph Cubitto             Louis G Moyers

Frank Foster                Frederick Lee Sauls

A Past Master’s  ring was presented to Joseph E Moore.


James Thomas Lewis    WM

Eldon K White SW

Robert Lee Ailor          JW

Lee L McDaniel           Treas

James G Dennis            Secty

New Master Masons:

V.E. Alford                              Francis Knuckey                                  Cecil C Kling

Otis Lee Barclay                       George Ralph Letgers                           Milo Carl Webb

Vernon Lewis Campbell           Robert William Myrtle              William Edward Keegan, Jr.

Harold David Forshey              Maurice Sharp                                      William Floyd Hamby

Thomas G Grantham                 Vincent Douglas Thomas                      William A Thompson

New Affiliations:

Bernard Chesley Brewster        Noel Burton Pond.

Roy Edmond Ison                     Jesse James Walker



Peter Cau                                 William Thomas Lightle

Benjamin F Gray                      Willard A Sawyer

William S Love

Anniversary Pins: Paul Michaelson 50 years

A new automatic water cooler and new plumbing were installed in the Temple.

A Past Master’s ring was presented to James T Lewis.


Eldon K White WM

Robert Ailor                 SW

Edwin R. Husted          JW

Lee L McDaniel           Treas.

Gerald Craig                 Secty



New Master Masons:

L P. R. Adair                            John D Ralph

Charles C McGowan                Jack Wert Webber

Wayman Lamar Moreland

New Affiliations:

Forrest Lewis Gallaher


William C Braley                      Frank D Smith

Frank E. Huffer                        Willard Shurtleff

Frank H Jones                          Walter C Scott

Joseph W Murton

Insurance on Temple was raised to $52,000 and $4500.00 on furniture.

Bro. L.C. Moore was presented a 50 year gold pin.

A cooling system was installed in the Temple and further repairs made on the roof.


Robert Lee Ailor                      WM

Edwin Ray Husted                    SW

Charles Leroy Simkins Sr.        JW

Lee L McDaniel                       Treas

Guy A Ligon                             Secty

New Master Masons:

Herman Clemoth Hodges          Charles Leroy Simkins, Jr.

Golden Lorenzo Hunsaker        Robert Huey Simpson

Robert Beverley Leonard          Wallace L Tyner

Clarence D Tyra


New Affiliations

Harold Vance Comerford

Robert E Osborne,


Robert Edwin Anderson           Charles F Lucas

Roscoe L Bradley                     Julius Milton

Jesse Montgomery Gibson        Listra Coates Moore

John T Lewis                            C Stoddard

Grand Lodge: Eldon White was appointed Deputy Grand Lecturer for this district.

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 years: William Fisk, Barney Johnson & Pinckney Anderson

A Past Master’s ring was presented to Robert Ailor



Edwin R Husted           WM

Charles L. Simpkins      SW

Cecil C. Kling               JW

Lee McDaniel               Treas

Guy A. Ligon                Secty

New Master Masons:

Carl L. Elkins                                       Cecil Max McAlister

Stanley M Gibson                                 George S. Overby

William A Lidster                                  Ray S. Sachs

Roy Miller

New Affiliations:

Gleenwood E Cook

George E Shaw


Barney Johnson

James Midwood

Lonzo L Radford

Grand Lodge: Past Master Gerald Craig was appointed Junior Grand Steward

  1. Bro. Edwin R. Husted was appointed and installed as Grand Tyler

A Past Master’s ring was presented to Edwin Husted, also Past Master’s aprons were presented to Robert Ailor and Edwin Husted.


Charles Leroy Simkins  WM

Cecil Cuszee Kling                   SW

Rupert Anson Hooker              JW

Lee Lasher McDaniel               Treas

Guy Archie Ligon                     Secty

New Master Masons:

Earle Christy Fenimore Richard W Mountjoy

Lester Ray Ford                       Joseph Wallace McAlister

Oscar T. Lyon Jr.                     Benjamin Nelson McGowen

Robert Norman Medlyn            Robert Simpson

Lee Lamar Moreland                Albert Sanders

New Affiliations:

Stuart Lee Bennett                    John Stratton Pomeroy

Lin W Bowling             Lon Edwin Walters, Sr.,

Loy Melbourne Gantt               Melvin Andrew Watkins

Lionel M Jacobs                       Gilbert Watrous



Pinkney C Anderson                 Bruce M Liddil

Allen E Caraway                      William D Fisk

Manuel H Christian                   Charles Pinkney Riggs

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Arizona was convened in Globe on April 23, 1951 with

White Mountain Lodge #3 acting as host.

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 year  Cyril Byrne and Otto J Tuschka

Grand Lodge: Brother Gerald I Craig was appointed Senior Grand Steward.

On June 5th, it was announced that the Lodge purchased a new G.E. Refrigerator for the kitchen at a cost of $254.76

A past Master’s ring and apron was presented to  Charles Simkins.


Cecil Cuszee Kling       WM

Rupert Anson Hooker  SW

Sidney Beryl Fix           JW

Lee Lasher McDaniel   Treas

Guy Archie Ligon         Secty


New Master Masons:

Cleo James Anderson                           David Theodore Heron

Robert Irving Anderson                        Lloyd Harold Hicks

Howard William Champion, Jr. Ralph Willis McKinley

George Norman Christensen                 Warren Green Simpson

Charles McKinley Clark                       Robert Vance Taylor

John Theodore Distad                           Jack P Thomas

John Gay Gregory                                Homer Elwood Wissmann

New Affiliations:

Sam Walter Armstrong Mac Thomas Grace

James Ransom Dean                 Robert Warren Taylor



William Henry Butler                 Carl Edward Madsen

Joseph Ross Fransworth           William J McCune

Alfred Hansen                          William K Noles

Willard Richard Helmke            Melvin Arthur Termain

The lodge room floors were sanded and varnished by volunteers.

Grand Lodge: Bro. Gerald I Craig was appointed Junior Grand Deacon


Anniversary Pins presented:

50 years : John Mayo, James Ferguson

25 years: Lewis Brown, Edward Flannigan, Mac Thomas Grace, Albert Hachtel, Guy V McGowen, Robert Taylor, Don Walters and Tuck White.



 Rupert A Hooker        WM

Sidney B Fix                 SW

Robert H Lacy             JW

Lee L McDaniel           Treas.

Guy A. Ligon                Secty


New Master Masons:

Thomas E Anderson                 Vernon L Johnson                                Burton M Root

Lynn Atwood                           Louis M Mounce                                  Harry Schwartzman

Thomas S Bebb                        William N Waters                                 Floyd P Stucker

F.G. Farmer                             Raymond V Pierce                               Billy G Whitworth

Frank B Healy                          Charles J Rives

New Affiliations:

Warren F Hill

Earl C Cunningham


Cyril Byrne                   Glenn C Hazlewood

Lionel H Castle James E Sullivan

Herman H Earnest


Robert W Myrtle

David Elliot

A fire escape was installed on the building.

A Past Master apron and ring was presented to Rupert A Hooker

Grand Lodge: Gerald I Craig appointed Senior Grand Deacon

Anniversary pins presented:

25 years- Arthur B Armstrong, Lindsay W Bowling, Paul B. Caler, Prentice A Phillips, Claude A Rector, William B Kennedy, Creed Troutman



Sidney B Fix                 WM

Robert H Lacy             SW

Oscar T Lyon Jr.          JW

Lee L McDaniel           Treas

Guy A Ligon                 Secty

New Master Masons:

Charles H Connolly                  Silas L McGinness

Donovan B Dawson                 Cecil A Rosson

Merle F Harper                        Harold D Ward

Wesley C Langdon                   Stephen S Wusich


Thomas H Bennetts                  Charles L Rawlins

Robert D Canfield                    Otto J Tuschka

Paul Michaelson                       Lon Edwin Walters

Clyde L McDowell


Grand Lodge: Gerald I Craig elected Junior Grand Warden

A personalized past masters apron and a gold diamond studded past masters ring was presented to Sidney B Fix.


Robert H Lacy             WM

Oscar T Lyon Jr.          SW

John H Taylor Sr.         JW

Cecil C Kling                Treas.

Guy A. Ligon                Secty

New Master Masons:

Charles H Colbert                    Ellis F Sandlin

Edward J Elzholz                      Howard G Termain

Robert H Morrison

New Affiliations:

  1. Alexander FaustChester R Swackhamer

Everett C Harless                     Paul Pearson Kennedy

Roy J Holland



Edward Perkins

Everett Harless


Warren D Cornish                    Golden L Hunsaker                  William N Waters

Parley P Greer                          Floyd R Nugent                        George A Wieland

Charles S Huffman                    Charles L Simkins, Sr.  Roy B Wilson


Anniversary Pins Presented:

50 years George A Oliver

25 years Jim Avery, James F Cox, Gerald I Craig, Robert G Craig, Ralph Eggleston, P.A. Faust, Richard Grabe, John R Gray, Warren Hill, Roy Holland, Dee Matlock, J. Lewis Monical, Lee McDaniel, C.R. Swackhamer.

Grand Lodge: Gerald I Craig elected Senior Grand Warden

A past masters apron and past masters ring was presented to Robert Lacy


Oscar T. Lyon Jr.         WM

John H Taylor, Sr.        SW

James F Aiello              JW

Cecil C Kling                Treas

Joseph E Moore           Secty

New Master Masons:

Lowell A Bassett                      Hubert O Hines

Thurman S Bryant                     Ernest P Mounce

Charles J Haley                        David T Polk

William G Jones                        Wilton A Jones

New Affiliations:

Ellis L Pollock


George W Amberson               Victor Atanasoff                       Harmon N Lewis

Oscar A Anderson                   Joseph Crothers                       John C Lowe

Arthur B Armstrong                  George C Johnson                    Francis W Verren

A contract was given to Castelberry Construction Company to install new glass blocks in the front of the building for a cost of about $5000.00

A past master apron and ring was presented to Oscar T Lyon Jr.

Anniversary Pins Presented:

50 year P.A. Faust and Noel B. Pond

Grand Lodge: Gerald I Craig elected Deputy Grand Master


John H Taylor               WM

Harry Schwartzman      SW

Stanley M Gibson         JW

Cecil C Kling                Treas.

Joseph E Moore           Secty

New Master Masons:

William E Bishop                      J.C. Martin                               James L Snow

Paul A Brooks                          Wesley J Parmenter                  Kenneth W Stone

Cuthrel T Goodman                  Navor Proctor                          John H Taylor Jr.

Marvin E Lyons                        Robert P Sanders                     Cecil E Wheeler

New Affiliations:

James W. Kincaid                    Hugh O Summers

Roscoe C Lautzenhiser Carl J Baker


Albert T Anderson                    Albert C Hachtel

Robert S Calder                       Walter W Horst

Charles M Clark                       Chester R Swackhamer

Gus Grossmiller                        Jay K Wade

Grand Lodge: Gerald I Craig elected Grand Master

The annual dues were raised from $6. to $9. Effective January 1958

12 banquet tables and 100 chairs were ordered for the banquet hall.

A past masters apron and ring was presented to John Taylor


Harry Schwartzman      WM

Earle C Fenimore         SW

Louis J Mounce            JW

Cecil C Kling                Treas.

Joseph E Moore           Secty

New Master Masons:

John M Fix                               Cleo M Medlock

Raymond C Floyd Jr.               John T Smithers

Clarence R Hale                       Jesse G Wolf




Howard D Butts                       Jack R McNutt                         William S Young

James D Ferguson                    Leon A Menerd                        Joseph A Wamsley

Fred C Jacobs                          Frank L Parker             Andrew M Watkins

James W Kincaid                     Thomas H Powell                     Eldon K White

Guy A Ligon                             Sol S Stark

Anniversary Pins Presented:

50 years Carl A Wind

25 years: James R Heron, Roscoe Lautzenhiser

A past masters apron and ring was presented to Harry Schwartzman



Earle C Fenimore                     WM

Louis J Mounce                        SW

Estel W Brooks                        JW

Harry Schwartzman                  Treas.

Joseph E Moore                       Secty.

New Master Masons:

Charles F Burnett                     Truman M McPherson

Herbert A Caldwell                  Murry M Schein

Albert J Carter                         Frederick G Taylor

Carley L Moore                       Martin J Kornhass

New Affiliations:

Charles R Longcor                   James G. Bentley

Edward O Morrow



William M Anderson                 Ralph W  McKinley

Samuel W Armstrong               Frank H Mitchell

Albert Lange

Anniversary pins presented.

25 years George M Hill, Fred A Kennedy, William Schwarz, George Grossmiller

50 years Harold C Plummer, Anderson Webb, James R Malott.

The lodge purchased the three, five and seven steps used in the Fellowcraft degree.

A past masters apron and watch was presented to Earle Fennimore.







Louis J Mounce            WM

Estel W Brooks            SW

George E Shaw            JW

Harry Schwartz man     Trees

Joseph E Moore           Sect

New Master Masons:

Edwin M Bacon                       Edwin E Heyl

James W Bentley                      Donald K Shelton

Elton S Bryant                          Joel L Shiner

Thomas W Dorathy      `           Wilbur E Van Wagener

New Affiliations:

Billy R Smith

Samuel C Duff


Lomax Aston                George A Oliver

Robert W Banks Sr.     James E Stanfill

William E Hogel            John W Williams

A past masters apron and watch was presented to Louis J Mounce



Estel  W Brooks           WM

George E Shaw            SW

Vernon L Johnson        JW

Harry Schwartz man     Treas.

Joseph E Moore           Sect.

Grand Lodge: Richard Mountjoy was appointed Grand Bible Bearer


New Master Masons:

Alton C Chiono                        Jack W Martyn

Travis W Humphrey Sr.            Lawrence D Poor

New Affiliations:

Ovid C Halmsted

William Leminger

Cleo M Medlock Sr.






Edward O Morrow                  Fred W Curts               Carl A Wind

Grover F Miller                        David H Orr                 Charles E Dietrick

Brewer E Phillips                      Carl A Wind                 Walter V Hamilton

Thomas G Grantham                 Robert J Gray               Harold D Forshey

Charles A Austin                      Jasper J Lindsey           Louis McWilliams

Anniversary pins presented:

25 years James King

A past masters apron and ring was presented to Estel Brooks

Grand Lodge:

  1. L.Mountjoywas appointed Grand Bible Bearer



George E Shaw            WM

Vernon L Johnson        SW

Hugh O Summers         JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas.

Jospeh E Moore           Secty

New Master Masons:

Jesse N Bentley                        Bernice M Frazier

William Delao                           Robert E Phillips

Frank J DePaoli                        Orville E Scott

New Affiliations:

William R Williamson

John Francis Langdon

Elgin W McCarty


James W Bentley                      Clifton Mathews

Paul B Caler                             Floyd P Stucker

Charles E Collins                      Hammond Westerfield

Fred H Jones


Anniversary Pins Presented:

50 years Percy R McDowell, William F Yetzer, John P Young

25 years William C Penrose, Frank H Parker, Joseph E Moore, Estel Brooks, William Leminger, Branislav Milutinovich, Marko Milutinovich, Oscar Rainey, Preface Strickland

A past masters apron and ring was presented to George Shaw


Grand Lodge:

Louis J Mounce appointed Deputy Grand Lecturer



Vernon L Johnson        WM

Hugh O Summers         SW

Stuart L Bennett           JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas.

Joseph E Moore           Secty

New Master Masons:

Glenwood E Cook Jr.               Frank D. Sheppard

Barron Duke                            Lloyd I Trojanovich

John R  Hayhurst

New Affiliations:

Dave R Hillger


Hubert O Hines

John Pomeroy


Harry W Adams                       Richard A Grabe

Frank J Coleman                      Ernest A Smith

Ralph Eggleston                        Fred H Jones

Anniversary Pins Presented:

50 years Clarence E Payer

25 years W.L. Hickman, William T. Lightle, Jr.

A past masters apron and watch was presented to Vernon Johnson


Hugh O Summers         WM

Stuart L Bennett           SW

James F Aiello              JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas.

Joseph E Moore           Secty.

New Master Masons:

Harold T Davis             Edward P Mackey

Ralph A Gerhardt                     Ferroll H Padgett

Joseph L Gilreath                      John A Trojanovich

Eldon R Haught


New Affiliations:

Lester G Barnett                       Victor G Owen

Nelson S Gardner                     Eulas K Wheeler

Robert E Harringrton


Otis L Barkley              Navor Proctor

Israel P McBride          Garrett Van Wagenen


  1. Lautzenhizer

Howard Ayers

The lodge approved replacing the carpet in the lodge room.

A past masters apron and ring was presented to Hugh Summers

Anniversary pins presented:

50 years Andrew J Gilbert

25 years Ruben Weatherly, Ellis Pollock, Robert Lacy


Stuart L Bennett           WM

James F Aiello              SW

Bernice M Frazier         JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas.

Joseph E Moore           Secty

New Master Masons:

Edwin H Bittner                        Webster L Gratz

David D ByWater                     David T Keenan

Paul J Doré                              Charles K Luthy Jr.

Clyde A Elrod Jr.


Robert I Anderson                    James T Lewis                          Harry O Johnson

William M Cohea                     James R Malott Sr.                   Arthur L Leissner

Glennwood E Cook                  Percy R McDowell                   William F Yetzer

James G Dennis                        John T Sharp

George H.J. Hutchins                Henry M Whitney


Anniversary Pins presented:

50 years Roy Holland

25 years Leach

A projector and screen was purchased for $225.00

A past masters apron and ring was presented to Stuart Bennett


James F Aiello              WM

Bernice M Frazier         SW

Frank D Sheppard        JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas.

Joseph E Moore           Secty

New Master Masons:

Lavelle L Boyd             Charles D King

Clyde A. Elrod Jr.                    Thomas L Pifer

Alvin W Gerhardt                     Ronald K Scalph


New Affiliations:

Oliver K Leonard



Lindsay W Bowling                  Morton S Presler

Elton S Bryant                          Robert H Simpson

Claude B Delbridge                  Thomas P Vincent

Andrew J Gilbert                      Norton Watts


Grand Lodge: Thomas D Henderson elected Junior Grand Warden

The lodge purchased an addressograph machine

A fire proof vault was installed in the basement for $1764.00

A past masters apron and ring was presented to James Aiello

Anniversary pins presented:

50 years Clifford Faires, Roy J Holland, James Aiello

25 years Alva J Davenport , William M Stephens, C.M. Medlock Sr.



Bert M Frazier              WM

Frank D Sheppard        SW

Ralph A Gerhardt         JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas.

Joseph E Moore           Secty.

New Master Masons:

Eugene Miller Jordan,   Lynn Mayes Sheppard,

William Arthur Oates,               Robert L Tidd

New Affiliations:

Harold Vance Comerford, Jr.

Robert Johnson


James Cokeen              Stanley Houston                                   Frederic Shaffer

Edward Faires Samuel Morris                                      Tuck White

Lester Ford                  Harold Plummer                                   Edward J Elzholz

Herman Hodges

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 years John Gerald Jones , Andrew Jackson Stripling

25 years Carl J Baker, Peter A Hansen, Oliver Leonard, Fred R Wilson

Grand Lodge: Thomas D. Henderson elected Senior Grand Warden, Louis Mounce appointed Deputy Grand Lecturer.

Burt Frazier was presented a Past Master’s apron


Frank Sheppard           WM

Ralph Gerhardt SW

Lynn Atwood               JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas

Joe Moore                   Secty

New Master Masons:

Edward H Anderson                 Melvin B Hunt

Stanley L Becker                      Walter B Lambert

Delbert E Craft             Tracy C Simmons


New Affiliations:

James L Dempsey                    Roy C Hood

John Thomas Ingram

William D Joslin


James F Aiello                          Jesse G Hayes              James R Johnson         Waldo Newberry

Lewis M Brown                       Warren F Hill               Thomas J Long

Mac T. Grace                           Harry W Iles                Lawrence D Poor

Grand Lodge: Thomas D Henderson elected Deputy Grand Master, J. Lewis Monical appointed Junior Grand Steward

Donated Piano to Whiteriver Lodge #63 in Showlow

Donated $ 100 to Globe Demolay Chapter

Public School Program – Globe High School Chorus sang the Stars Spangled Banner at Essay Awards meeting


Anniversary Pins presented:

50 years John Williams

25 years J. R. Hunter

Hugh O Summers

Thomas B Bell

Rupert A Hooker



Ralph A Gerhardt         WM

Lynn Atwood               SW

  1. LowellGratz JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas

Joseph Moore              Secty


New Master Masons:

Edward D Blumer                     Albert L Sanders

Walter B Lambert                     Leslie D Walker

Walter R Ogden                       Jimmie D Butler

New Affiliations:

Irving McNeil Jr.



Harrison L Cox,                       Claude T Paris

James L Dempsey,                   Frederic Pote

Samuel C Duff,                         Ernest J Ristedt

Herbert J Finnegan,                  Ray S Sachs

Roy J. Holland,                         John T Smithers

John T. Ingram,                        Andrew J Stripling

William C Leminger,                 John H. Taylor Sr.,

Elgin W McCarty                     Sam L Vukovich

Grand Lodge:  Thomas D Henderson elected Grand Master, J. Louis Monical appointed Senior Grand Steward. Ray Cordes appointed Grand Marshal, Louis J Mounce appointed Grand Chaplin

Anniversary Pins:

50 years to John E Fiedler, William E Lane, John J Penrose, Ernest G Williams, George H Witte. 25-year pins presented to Willie L Hickman, Edwin R Husted, Albert D Ioli, Jerry M Johnson, Carl H Johnson, Frank T. Keltner, Paul P Kennedy, Loyd L Netherlin, Herman H Smith, Harry M Rothergatter, Milton D Webb, John Ingram

Ralph Gerhardt was presented a Past Master’s apron.






Lynn Atwood               WM

  1. LowellGratz SW

Charles D King JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas

Joseph E. Moore          Secty

New Master Masons:

Cline W Armstrong,

Edward L McWilliams,

Melvin B Milhon


New Affiliations:

Lawrence Livingston

James W Snedigar


Edward A Flannigan                 Robert E. Phillips

Edwin E Heyl                           John D Ralph

Louis C Johnson                       Jerry W. Sims

Jesse D Matlock                       Milo Carl Webb

John Williams

Grand Lodge: J. Lewis Monical appointed Grand Junior Deacon

Donated $300. to Globe DeMolay Chapter for 4 boys to attend General meeting in Estes, Colorado

A past Master’s apron and Jewel was presented to Lynn Atwood.

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 year Norman E Holden, Gilbert F Watrous

25 year- Thomas C Bebb, Lamar Brewton, Charles Brewton, Harold V Comerford, Walter A Franklin, George E Shaw, Ovid C Halmsted, Robert E Harrington, Kenneth C Hood, William D Joslin, Irving McNeil, James P Michaelson, David D Rabb, Jesse J Walker.



  1. LowellGratz WM

Charles D King SW

Robert Johnson            JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas

Joseph E Moore           Secty




New Master Masons:

Charles R Huggins

Lewis H Ogden

Stanley K Parker



Wood K Claypool                    Abe S Nahas

  1. Alexander FaustLloyd I Trojanovich

Walter A Franklin                     Creed B Troutman

Walter B Lambert                     Ernest G Williams

Louis T Martin              John P Young

Richard C.W. Mitchell


Grand Lodge: J. Lewis Monical appointed Senior Grand Deacon

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 year- James R Dean, Luther P Lewis, Waldo F Newberry,

25 year. – James G Bentley, Gilbert F Bradley, William V Cunningham, George R Dempster, Sidney B Fix, Edward P Latham, James R Malott, William H Odum, Robert E Osborne, Victor G Owen, Harold L Rupkey, William R Williamson, William M Zimmerman.

White Mountain Lodge #3 Board of Trustees was increased from 3 to 5 trustees.

Lowell Gratz was presented a Past Master’s apron.



Charles D. King            WM

Robert Johnson            SW

Alvin W Gerhardt         JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas

Joseph E Moore           Secty

New Master Masons:

Robert D Armstrong                 Clair H Mull Jr.

Hubert A Haught                      James C Reeves

Gary C Kish                             Leslie E Woodring

New Affiliations:

Michael J Brady

Robert L Moore







Michael Barnes             Ellis L Pollock

David D Bywater                      Bosco J Ragenovich

William R Kennedy                   William G Reid

William E Lane             Tracy C. Simmons

Edward P Latham                     Garfield Thomas

Anderson C Webb

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 year- Paul M Comer Jr., Theodore C Harper, Walter H Norton  25 year – Vernon L Campbell, William E Keegan, Cecil C Kling, Francis Knuckey, George R Legters, Maurice Sharp

Grand Lodge  L. Lewis Monical elected Junior Grand Warden

Charles King was presented a Past Master’s  apron and ring.


Robert Johnson            WM

Alvin W Gerhardt         SW

Jesse N Bentley            JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas

Joseph E. Moore          Secty


New Master Masons:

Jerel W Cline                            Jimmie D Duncan

Lebern Cox                              Leslie E Woodring

Thomas A Dempster


New Affiliations:

Kimble B Shows



Thomas B Bell              Charles Moon              R.J. Sanson

John E Fiedler                          William A Oates

Ovid C Halmsted                      Clarence E Payer

Guy V McGowen                     Oscar J Rainey

Globe DeMolay Chapter folded.

Robert Johnson was presented a Past Master’s apron

Grand Lodge: J. Lewis Monical elected Deputy Grand Master

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 years: John O Tretheway

25 year- Jake W Webber, Weyman L Moreland




Alvin W Gerhardt         WM

Jesse N Bentley            SW

Cleo M Medlock Jr.     JW

Harry Swartzman          Treas

Joseph E Moore           Secty

New Master Masons:

Avart D Bunger                        Arnold B Lee

Donald J Derby                        William D McCreary

Robert J Deshazer                    Lawrence C Stewart

Robert F Dixon


James G Bentley                       Walter H Norton                      William Pinkerton

Manley G Crawford                 John O Tretheway                    Kenneth Anderson

John G Gregory                        Jake W Webber

Alfred F Hallett             Fred R Wilson

Grand Lodge: J. Lewis Monical Elected Grand Master

Earle C Fenimore  appointed Grand Tyler

  1. L. Gratz appointed Deputy Grand Lecturer

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 year John W Carpenter, George Frizzell, Ben Woods

25 years: Robert Leonard, Robert Johnson, Charles Simkins, Stuart Bennett

George Leach was awarded Honorary Past Master

Membership dues was increased from $12. to $15. effective 1/1/75

Alvin Gerhardt was presented a Past Master’s apron and ring.


Jesse N Bentley            WM

Cleo M Medlock Jr.     SW

Hubert A Haught          JW

Harry Schwartzman      Treas.

Joseph E Moore           Secty

New Master Masons:

Carryl C Austin

New Affiliations:

Richard E Perrin



Edwin H Bittner                        Cecil C Kling

John W Carpenter                    John E Mayo

Frank J DePaoli                        Joseph W McAlister

Everett C Harless                     Edward E Stringer

Rupert A Hooker                     Robert L Tidd

Anniversary Pins:

50 years  Richard L Mountjoy, Quillo J Nichols

25 years  Stan Gibson, Ray Sachs, Cecil M McAlister,  Roy C. Miller

Motion and passed to remodel Banquet Hall at a bid of $17,000.

Jesse Bentley was presented a Past Master’s apron and ring.


Cleo M Medlock Jr.     WM

Robert Johnson            SW

William D McCreary    JW

Victor Owen                Treas

Harry Schwartzman      Secty


Charles Hurley Colbert,            Oliver K Leonard                     Roy Edmond Ison

Troy Crow,                              Ben McDonald Woods


Anniversary Pins presented

50 years: Rowland Hill, Thomas Thompson, Clyde Elrod Sr.

25 years: Lionel Jacobs, Oscar T Lyons, Willie Hickman, Lee Moreland , Albert Sanders, Earl Cunningham. Richard Mountjoy, Earle Fenimore, Benjamin McGowen

Joseph Moore was awarded Secretary Emeritus

Cleo Matlock was presented a Past Master’s apron



Robert Johnson                       WM

Cleo M Medlock Jr.                 SW

Irving McNeil Jr.                      JW

Victor G Owen             Treas

Harry Schwartzmen                  Secty

New Master Masons:

David A Garnett

Norman Delbert Groves

Milton E Krammer

New Affiliations:

Merle Eugene Palmer



Thomas C Bebb                       James M Kempson

Robert E Harrington                 Cleo M Medlock Sr

William D Joslin                        Warren G Simpson


Anniversary Pins presented:

50 years- Robert W Taylor,

25 years – John Distad, Lloyd Hicks, Warren Simpson, Robert Vance Taylor, Homer Wissmann, David Heron

A donation of $15.00 was given to the Globe Rainbow Girls


Irving McNeil Jr.                      WM

Arnold B. Lee                          SW

Edward L McWilliams  JW

Victor G Owen             Treas.

Harry Schwartzman                  Secty

New Master Masons:

James M Webb

New Affiliations:

Joe A Henry


Cecil M McAllister                   Carroll A Garner

Robert W Taylor                      John J Penrose

Earl E Horrell                           Paul M Comer

Lawrence E Stewart

Irving McNeil was presented a Past Master’s apron

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 years Prentice A Phillips, Charles R Longcor, Claude Rector

25 year pins Albert W Bertschy, Harry Schwartzman, Charles Rives, Burton Root, Howard Champion, Lynn Atwood, Virgil Alford, Louis Mounce, Frank Healy, Vernon  Johnson, R. Pierce, Billy G. Whitworth, Robert Johnson








Arnold Beldon Lee                   WM

Edward Leroy McWilliams       SW

David Arthur Garnett                JW

Victor G Owen             Treas

Harry Swartzman                      Secty

New Master Masons:

Henry C Parmley

William L Smith

New Affiliation:

Willard O Wilkins

Pedro Sta Ana


Truman M McPherson  James King

Louis J Mounce                        Earle C Fenimore

Murray M Schein

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 year Gerald I Craig, Robert G Craig, William B Mitchell, Cecil Johnson.

25 year pins- Thomas E Anderson, Charles Connolly, Merle Harper, Dave Hillger, Wesley C Langdon, Silas McGuiness, Harold Ward, Stephen S Wusich

O.E.S. was granted permission to install a P.A. system in the lodge room.  White Mountain Lodge will pay for maintenance on the system.

Herman Gothard and Carley “Rusty” Moore were awarded honorary Past Masters of White Mountain Lodge #3

New Mexico Grand Lodge met at the White Mountain Temple with the Grand Lodge of Arizona for the purpose of acquiring the original Charter given to White Mountain Lodge #5.  New Mexico was informed the charter was not available.

Arnold Lee was presented a Past Master’s apron.



Edward Leroy McWilliams       WM

David Arthur Garnett                SW

Arnold Beldon Lee                   JW

Victor G Owen             Treas

Harry Schwartzman                  Secty


New Master Masons:

David W Ellwanger


Robert H Lacy                         Horace M Turner

Leslie E Woodring                    Joseph E Moore

Clyde A Elrod Sr.                     Charles R Longcor

Marion F Holmes                     Emil H Noetzel

Carl L Elkins                            Theodore C Harper


White Mountain Lodge # 3 approved the request from Doric Lodge #26 to consolidate the two lodges.  The Grand Master approved this request.

A $75.00 donation was given to Globe Rainbow Chapter

A $100.00 donation was given to Globe Rainbow Chapter

A dishwasher provided by O.E.S. Chapter # 8 was installed

Edward McWilliams was presented a Past Master apron.


Anniversary Pins Presented:

50 years: Joseph Monical

25 year pins – Robert H Morrison, Ellis F Sandlin, Billy R Smith, Howard G. Termain

Grand Lodge: Herman Gothard was appointed Deputy Grand Lecturer


David Arthur Garnett                WM

Johnny Saban                           SW

Robert L Gillette                       JW

Victor G Owen             Treas

Harry Schwartzman                  Secty

New Master Masons:

Raymond C Tuttle


All Past Masters of Doric Lodge #26 were made honorary past masters of White Mountain #3



Jay R Hunter                            Gilbert F Watrous

Rouland W Hill             Hugh O Summers

Carl Greiner                             Lee L McDaniel

Arkle O Baker                         Richard L Mountjoy

Peter Andrew Hansen

Doric Lodge furniture was donated to Payson Lodge.

The three stair climbers were installed at a cost of $10,838.00

A $100.00 donation was given to the Globe Rainbow Girls.

David Garrett was presented a Past Master apron.

Anniversary Pins presented:

50 year- Bennett Y Brewer, Ben Avery Jr., William A Brown, John Johnson, Vester Thorton Sansing, Thomas A Smith, William Standfill.

25 year pins – C. DeArman, J. McKown, Carter Nelms, M Stover, M. Watkins, W. Watkins, William  Sims, E. Mounce

Grand Lodge: Dug Sheppard was appointed Grand Tyler


Johnny Saban               WM

Robert L Gillette           SW

Thomas A Dempster     JW

Victor G Owen Treas

Harry Schwartzman      Secty

New Master Masons:

James Harold Moss

New Affiliations:

Bernard Clfford Hitchens


William Chris Anguis                 Robert Howard Morrison

George D Creasman,                William Francis Sloan,

George Russell Dempster Sr.    Charles William Wright

Sidney B Fix

A $200.00 donation was made to the Little League of Globe

Grand Lodge Appointments.  Frank D Sheppard Grand Tyler, Oscar T Lyon Grand Standard Bearer

Anniversary Pins presented:

25 years- Lester G Barnett, William E Bishop, Robert L Gillette, Herman G Gothard, William T Kidd, Paul A Brooks, J.C. Martin, Zebedee B. Miller, Aaron Mitchell, Wesley J Parmenter, Paul K Petty, Robert P Sanders, Kenneth W Stone, Cecil E Wheeler, Marvin E Lyons.







Robert L Gillette           WM

Thomas A Dempster     SW

Lawrence Livingston     JW

Victor G Owen Treas

Harry Schwartzman      Secty

New Master Masons:

Walter Lee Gay


New Affiliations:

Pedro St. Ana



Paschal Anderson                     Quillo J Nichols

Albert W Bertschy,                   Harold L Rupkey

James R Dean,                         Albert Sanders Jr.

Robert F Dixon                        John Thames

John G Jones                            Ruben L Weatherly,

Cecil R Johnson,                       George H Witte

Dan Kinnard.

A donation of $ 50. was sent to the Grand Lodge to help defray the expenses occurred at the State Fair.

A donation of $200. was given to help support the Little League

The lodge voted to present a Masonic Bible to all newly raised Master Masons effective April 5, 1983..

Grand Lodge Oscar T Lyon Jr. appointed Grand Standard Bearer


Anniversary Pins Presented:

25 years – John H Taylor Jr., Jesse G Wolf, Elizie E Scates, Cleo Medlock, Clarence Hale,

John Fix, Raymond Floyd

55years – Lester Quinn, Joseph Pearson, Prentice A Phillips, Claude Rector, Thomas Thompson, Lester Greenbaugh


Johnny Saban was presented a Past Master apron

Bob Gillette was presented a Past Master apron.








Thomas A Dempster     WM

Lawrence Livingston     SW

Pedro Sta Ana              JW

Victor G Owen Treas

Harry Schwartzman      Secty

New Master Masons:

Kenneth C Ramsey

New Affiliations:

George L Snyder


Carryl C. Austin                       Aaron Mitchell

Charles H Connolly                  Frank H Parker

Gerald I Craig                          William C Penrose

V.L. Cunningham                      Prentice A Phillips

Eugene M Jordan                     Thomas Thompson

Anniversary Pins presented:

65 years – Jospeh Refsnes

60 years – Albert Davenport

55 years – Gerald Craig, Robert Craig, Thomas Campbell, Thomas Smith, William B Mitchell Jr

Rank Tippett

50 years –William Schwartz, George Hill, George Grossmiller, Robert Cray, Tom Campbell, Thomas Smith, Wm. Mitchell Jr.

25 years – Carley Moore, H Caldwell, Charlie Burnett, George Colgate

Masonic Scholarship was awarded to Patti Gerhardt, daughter of Ralph Gerhardt, granddaughter of Alvin Gerhardt and Stuart Bennett.

$30. was sent to Rainbow Chapter for an ad in their yearly gavel speaks

The Globe High School choir sang at the annual installation of officers.

Tom Dempster was presented a Past Master’s apron

Grand Lodge : Frank Sheppard was appointed Grand Chaplain


Lawrence Livingston     WM

Pedro Sta Ana              SW

Jesse N Bentley            JW

Victor G Owen Treas

Harry Schwartzman      Secty


New Master Masons:

Ralph J Farmer             Frank Stapleton

Ted E Palmer                           Terry C Tanner,

Randolph W Roberts


Adelbert K Fallers


Carl J Baker                 Lee L Moreland

Donley Davis                William M Schwarz

Louis Horrell                Frank E Tippett

John W Johnson

Anniversary Pins presented:

65- Norman Holden

55 years Thomas D Henderson, Joseph L Monical, Harry Humphrey, Bennett Brewer, Leslie Braden

50 years – Clifford Hitchens, Irving McNeil Jr

25 years Donald Shelton, Edwin Bacon, Pedro Sta Ana, Wilbur Van Wagenen

Lawrence Livingston was presented a Past Master’s apron

Grand Lodge: Oscar T Lyon Jr. appointed Junior Grand Steward


Jesse N Bentley            WM

Lawrence Livingston     SW

Joe A Henry                 JW

Victor G Owen Treas

Harry Schwartzman      Secty

New Master Masons:


New Affiliations:

Eldon B Sellers

James H Havins



Ferrall H Padgett                      William A Brown

Raymond G Langham   Norman E Holder

Paul P Kennedy                        Bennett Y Brewer

Albert W Fritz

Anniversary Pins presented:

65 years- Luther P Lewis

60 years- Edward C Maxwell-

55 years- Ben Avery. Vester Saning, William E Stanfield

50 years- Estel Brooks

25 years- Harold Benjamin, Silverio Barrows, Anton C Chiono, Phillip A Lantin, James Short, Jack Martyn, Mitchell Vuksanovich, Jerry Nuthall

Grand Lodge –Oscar T. Lyon Jr. appointed Senior Grand Steward


Lawrence Livingston     WM

Joe Aton Henry            SW

Frank Stapleton            JW

Victor G Owen Treas

Harry Schwartzman      Secty

New Affiliations:

Ross Allen Brown         William D Logan

J.B. Clark                     Eldon B Sellers

James H Havins


Harry Swartzman                      William D Mitchell

Lloyd Hanks                             Thomas Henderson

William A Wheeler                   L.W. White

Wesley A Lantin                       Willie Hickman

James C McKown                   William E Stanfield

Anniversary Pins Presented:

60 years – Joe Pearson

25 years- Burt Frazier, Elvis, William DeLao & Everett Scott

Grand Lodge: Oscar T. Lyon Jr appointed Junior Grand Deacon


Joe Henry                     WM

Ross Brown                 SW

Tom Dempster JW

Slim Lee                       Treasurer

Frank Stapleton            Secty

New Master Masons:

Tim Conrad


LavelleBoyd                 James Reeves

Robert Craig                Elisie Scates

Dalton Davis                 Shaw

Max Hawkins               O.E. Scott

Letch Quinn                  Nick Wusick

The lodge voted to donate $50. to a student at Globe High School who is in need of assistance

The lodge voted to join the Globe Development Organization, annual dues $60.00

A $25.00 donation was given to the Jobs Daughters for an ad in their annual conference book.

Grand Lodge: Oscar T Lyon Jr appointed Senior Grand Deacon

Anniversary pins presented:

25 years: Dug Shepard, Dave Johnson



Larry Livingston            WM

Thomas Dempster        SW

Douglas King                JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas

Frank Stapleton            Secty


Leslie Braden

Silas Lee McGinness

Anniversary Pins presented: 

50 year –Browning

Lodge voted to donate $ 25.00 to the Jobs Daughters

Lodge voted to donate $25.00 to Pinal Corrections for cleaning of cemetery

Grand Lodge: Oscar T Lyon Jr. elected Junior Grand Warden


Thomas Dempster        WM

Doug King                    SW

Timothy Conrad           JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas

Frank Stapleton            Secty



New Affiliations:

Tom Evans


Bob Conrad


William Wheeler                       Cordry

Irving McNeil                           Robert Whitworth

Robert Beavers                        Claude Rector

George Humphries                    Lester Greenhalgh

Al Davenport                            Frueh

William Dave McCreary           Ingram

Joe Pearson

Anniversary Pins presented:

55 year pin – Hitchens

The lodge voted to donate $25.00 to Correctional Department for cleaning of cemetery

The voted to donate $ 25.00 to the Salvation Army

Grand Lodge: Oscar T Lyon Jr. elected Senior Grand Warden


Robert Conrad             WM

Tim Conrad                  SW

Dave Garnett                JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas

Frank Stapleton            Secty


New Master Masons:

James Mills


New Affiliations:


Jim Short

Jess Wolf

Lodge voted to award an Mason of the Year apron to the recipient each year.

Lodge voted to purchase a top hat for Brother Oscar T Lyon Jr. He will be installed as Grand Master next year.

Lodge voted to donate $25.00 to the Jobs Daughters for their annual program

Lodge voted to adopt a mile of Hwy. 60.

Mason of the Year: George Leech

Grand Lodge: Oscar T Lyon Jr elected Deputy Grand Master


Tim Conrad                  WM

Dave Garnett                SW

George Snyder JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas

Frank Stapleton            Secty

New Master Masons:

James Wills


New Affiliations:

Roye Colyott


Mason of the Year:

Bob Conrad


O.B. Joy

Anniversary Pins presented:

25 year –Lester Barnett

Grand Lodge:

Oscar T Lyon Jr. elected Grand Master

Dug Sheppard appointed Grand Marshal

Lodge voted to purchase a new weed eater for use in the cemetery


Dave Garnett                WM

George Snyder SW

Royce Colyott              JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas

Frank Stapleton            Secty

Mason of the Year:

Larry Livingston

New Affiliations;

Edward Guerrero



Raymond Cordes         T.A. Smith                    Montierth

Lowell Gratz                 Pete Termain

Anniversary Pins presented:

55 years- Ben Coil, Clarence Boren

50 years-Burton Corbett

25 years- Melvin Hunt

Larry Livingston

Les Walker

Senior Life: Ben Coil

Lodge voted to donate $25.00 to Miami High School

Brother Mackey & Frank Stapleton were awarded Honorary Past Master

Grand Lodge:

Bob Conrad Grand Steward


Larry Livingston            WM

Roye Colyott                SW

Bob Gillette                  JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas

Frank Stapleton            Secty

Mason of the Year :

Burton Corbett

New Affiliations:

Bob Crawford


Arnold Slim Lee                       Alton Tony Chiono

George Snyder             Charles Simkins

George Frizzel


 A parcel of land located in the cemetery was sold to the Odd Fellows for $462.00

Donation of $ 30.00 to the Downtown Association

Special meeting held with the Grand Lodge of New Mexico in search of the original White Mountain #5 charter.  200 present Very expensive recommended not to do this again.

Lodge voted to assist the Salvation Army in Bell ringing.







Royce Colyott              WM

Bob Gillette                  SW

Paul Damron                JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas

Frank Stapleton            Secty

New Affiliations:

Howard Billingsley

Walter Raehl



Slim Gothard                            Louis Monical

Joseph Gilbreath                       Mark Jacobs

Hitchens                                   Cecil Browning

Weldon Thames                       Milo Stephens

Maurice Sharp

Lodge voted to donate $25.00 to the DeMolay

Lodge voted to donate $25.00 to Ted Rice toward expenses of a National Wrestling tournament

Lodge with assistance from the City of Globe painted the Locomotive in the Park.

Lodge will participate in a parade in Globe on August 12th.

The per capita tax was raised to $10.00 at the Grand Lodge Communication.  The dues for White Mountain Lodge will be raised to 25.00 plus per capita tax.

The lodge approved a salary of $150.00 per month for the Treasurer effective January 1996.



Roye Colyott                WM

Bob Gillette                  SW

Paul Damron                JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas.

Frank Stapleton            Secty



Robert Crawford          WM

Robert Gillette              SW

Paul Damron                JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas

Joe Henry                     Secty


New Masons: 

Willis E Flanagan

Scott Teichrow

New Affiliations:

 Henry Johnson

David Porter

Ian Lamont

Allen Kennedy


A.K. Faller                   Ben Coil

Melvin Hunt                  John Taylor Jr.

J.C. Martin                   Ed Maxwell

James W Snedigar

Pete Frey


Anniversary Pins presented:

Estel Brooks                 60 years

William Bradbury          55 years

William Keegan            50 years

George Legters 50 years

Victor Owens               50 years

A letter requesting we buy a DeMolay ad ( ¼ page) from the Glendale Chapter was approved.

It was approved to send $50. to MSA for helping California and Nevada Lodges for flood damage.

Brother Oscar T Lyon recently was awarded the Honorary 33rd  degree in the Scottish Rite.

Grand Lodge: Robert Conrad elected Junior Grand Warden



Harold Benjamin           WM

Ralph Gerhardt SW

Robert Gillette              JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas

Joe Henry                     Secty

New Affiliations:

Jack Wade

Warren Pyle

Ted Thayer

Anniversary Pins presented:

Warren Pyle  50 year pin

The Lodge approved a donation of $ 25. for a ¼ page ad for Bethel #25

Grand Lodge: Robert Conrad elected Senior Grand Warden


Roye Colyott                WM

Ralph Gerhardt SW

Howard Billingsley        JW

Ed Mackey                  Treas

Joe Henry                     Secty

New Master Masons: William Greenen


New Affiliations: William Sneyd


Deceased:      Stuart Lee Bennett                    John Distad                  Raymond Floyd

Willie H Odum             George Grossmiller       Charles Boren

Wilbur Van Wagenen  Lester Barnett               Gene Flanagan

Cecil Wheeler                           Ralph Farmer

Anniversary Pins :

50 year pins

Robert Johnson

Benjamin McGowen

Joe Henry

White Mountain Lodge # 3 will be on the Globe home tour January 20, 1999

The lodge voted to obtain squares at Home Depot to be given to  guests at a cost of $5.15 each

Grand Lodge: Robert Conrad elected Deputy Grand Master



Carle (Rusty) Moore                WM

Howard Billingsley                    SW

William Greenen                       JW

Oscar T Lyon                           Treas

Joe Henry                                 Secty

New Master Masons:

Bill Blank



Larry Livingston                        Walter Ogden               Daniel Gurovich

Vester B Sansing                      Silvio Barreras  Eldon Sellers

Edward L McWilliams  David Hicks                 Milton Webb

George Legters Jr.                   Lynn Atwood

Mason of the Year: Roye Colyott

A luncheon was held for local educators and administrators in the Dining room at noon September 9, 2000

A special meting was held on October 28, 2000. The purpose of the meeting was to look for the lost Charter of New Mexico Lodge #5.  New Mexico #5 later became White Mountain #3

Grand Lodge: Robert Conrad elected Grand Master



Carlie “Rusty” Moore               WM

William Greenen                       SW

Howard Billingsley                    JW

Oscar T Lyon Jr.                      Treas

Joe Henry                                 Secty


George Leech                           A.V. “Bill” Hardt

William Blackman                     Ed. Husted

Edward “Bunch” Guerrero        George Hill

Warren Pyle                            Ernest Mounce

Estel Brooks                             Tom Tizard

Norman Groves                        Branslaaw Milutinovich

New Affiliations:

Douglas Adriance

Anniversary Pins:

Roye Colyott 50 years                          Oscar T Lyon 50 years

Earl Cunningham 50 years                     Roy Miller 50 year

Stanley Gibson 50 years                       Victor Owen 55 years

It was approved that the lodges chartered prior to Arizona Statehood could  put the number and year on their aprons.

The meeting day and time of White Mountain Lodge #3 will be changed to the second Saturday of each month effective January 2002.



William Greenen           WM

Howard Billingsley        SW

Paul Doré Sr.               JW

Oscar T Lyon Jr.          Treas

Joe Henry                     Secty

New Affiliations:

Douglas Skowron                     George Maslovar

Bob Jorgenson                         Gerald Davis


Ed Mackey                              Walter Raehl

Zebedee Miller             H. E. Bricker

White Mountain Lodge # 3 revised their By-laws.

Trial Commissioners were elected for a trial to be conducted in the future

White Mountain Lodge #3 received First place in the small Lodge Trestleboard competition at Grand Lodge.

Brother Lamar Brewton was presented a 50 year pin from El Zaribah Shrine.

Hwy 60 clean up is scheduled for November 2nd at 11:00 o’clock

The Lodge manned the voting booths for kids voting at the November election




Howard Billingsley        WM

Paul Doré Sr.               SW

Henry London              JW

Oscar T Lyon Jr.          Treas

Joe Henry                     Secty


John Moore

A check for $50. was presented to East Globe School to award to a student for perfect attendance.

Two bicycles were presented to East Globe students for winning the Bikes for Books project.

On March 8th, White Mountain Lodge conferred a first degree as a courtesy to Scottsdale Lodge #43

On June 14th, White Mountain Lodge conferred a second degree as a courtesy to Payson Lodge #70